Aesthetic Treatment Prices

Consultation and review service

Patients are required to have a consultation, which may involve a skin analysis or test patch, before starting a new treatment plan. Consultations take 30 minutes and costs £25 and ensure the recommended treatment plan is appropriate to your desired outcome and personal health.
We offer a complimentary review for all our treatment plans. Reviews for Botox and dermal filler treatments take place 14-21 days after treatment and at the practitioner's discretion you may receive complimentary adjustments, but after the 21 day period has passed you may be charged for any further adjustment.

Missed appointments and pending lists

When you book an appointment we will take a £25 deposit. We respectfully request that you give us more than 24 hours notice when rescheduling your appointment, which enables us to offer that time slot to someone else on the waiting list. Appointments missed or rescheduled on the day will loose their appointment deposit or have a treatment deducted from their course.
If you are struggling to get seen as early as you would like then ask to be placed on our pending list and should another patient reschedule or cancel an earlier time slot may be offered to you.

Reward Points

Our Reward Points scheme allows us to thank those who regularly use Face & Body. Everyone registered in our system receives points when paying for a treatment or product in our clinic.  All you have to do is collect the Reward Points and redeem them at our Edinburgh clinic before they expire - it's that simple.
We know that you are busy and don't want any extra hassle, so we've kept things simple:
  • You don't have to present any loyalty card when purchasing or redeeming.
  • Your current Reward Points total is displayed at the bottom of your till receipt.
  • You can use current Reward Points at anytime when paying at reception.
  • 1000 Reward Points = £1.

Terms and Conditions Apply

  • Reward Points cannot be used after they have expired.
  • Reward Points cannot be converted into cash.
  • Reward Points cannot be used for online purchases.
  • Reward Points cannot be earned with online purchases.
  • Clients who miss appointments and have failed to pay a deposit will have the appropriate sum deducted in their Reward Points.
  • Face & Body holds the right to change the structure of the Reward Point allocation at anytime.

Gift vouchers

Our gift vouchers can be redeemed against any consultation, treatment or retail product - their flexibility makes them a very popular gift amongst our customers.  Gift vouchers must be purchased at our clinic or over the phone.
A voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and can be redeemed at our clinic in Edinburgh. The recipient's details are recorded in our system, so they can still use the voucher even if they lose the printed version.
Recipient's can transfer the voucher, but need to visit our clinic to arrange this with the clinic manager in order for our system to be updated and prevent abuse. If a recipient's mobile number or email address has been recorded in our system they will receive a reminder before their voucher expires.  
Patients who are unable to use the vouchers in the time period due to illness or pregnancy can ask for the expiry date to be extended by contacting the clinic manager.
Treatments courses
Some treatment plans require a course of treatments. You can choose to pay-as-you-go or purchase a course which include a discount. All courses must be paid in full at the time of purchase.  
Ask your practitioner if a course is available for your treatment plan.

As individual treatments plans vary - accurate pricing often can only be provided after your practitioner visually assess your needs at consultation, therefore prices with "<" in front indicate the starting price.

Botox Price
Light £150
1 area £199
2 areas £270
3 areas £320
4 areas £370
Hyperhidrosis £399
Bruxism £270
Migraines <£399

Dermal Fillers Price
Lip volumising <£350
Upper lip lines <£175
Marionette lines <£300
Tear trough <£350
Skin booster <£250
Hand rejuvenation £500
Sunken cheeks for 40 year olds <£300
Sunken cheeks for 50 year olds <£1,000

Face & Neck Lifts Price
Silhouette thread lift <£1,500
Ultherapy neck <£1,500
Ultherapy lower face <£1,500
Ultherapy full face <£2,000
Ultherapy full face & neck <£3,000

Eyes & Brows Price
Filler brow lift <£250
Ultherapy brow lift <£499
PRP under eye dark circles <£350
EndyMed Bleph <£349
AGNES eye bags <£1,500

Skin Rejuvenation Price
Thread veins & skin blemishes <£67
Facial redness <£89
Age spots & pigmentation <£89
Dermalux £67
Microdermabrasion £67
ZO detox medi-facial £97
Vitamin Pro medi-facial £120
Pumpkin Peel £69
Pumpkin Peel & Dermalux £99
Obagi TCA Blue Peel <£500
EndyMed TIGHTEN <£150
EndyMed FSR <£299
EndyMed INTENSIF <£299

Body Treatments Price
Micro Sclerotherapy <£120
Foam Sclerotherapy <£170
Aqualyx fat reduction <£300
Excessive sweating £399
EndyMed SHAPER <£99
EndyMed CONTOUR <£150
Inch Loss <£150

Hair Treatments Price
Laser hair removal <£89
Electrolysis hair removal <£39
PRP hair rejuvenation <£350

Teeth Treatments Price
Teeth whitening <£99
Teeth grinding £270

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Price
BHRT assessment £200
BHRT profile test £200
BHRT review <£75



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