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Treating Bruxism

Treat your bruxism with muscle relaxing injections, Dr Asel explains.
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Managing your Rosacea

Do you suffer from rosacea? Discover your solution with award-winning aesthetician Becky
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Tattoo Removal Options

Stephanie discuss your options for removing unwanted tattoos & explains why laser tattoo removal is the safest and best option.
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CoolSculpting in Barcelona!

Derna tells us all about her recent trip to Barcelona with Julie, as they expand their CoolSculpting knowledge on an intense training course.
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Chin filler: what’s involved?

Everything you want to know about getting chin filler for the first time.
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Your Excessive Sweating Solution

Reduce excessive sweating for up to half a year, feel comfortable in social settings and within your own clothes. A life-changing treatment.
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Benefits of Vitamin C in your skincare

Discover the many benefits of using Vitamin C in your daily skincare regime so you can glow and keep your skin safe this summer.
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An even, safe tan on holiday

Achieve an even and safe tan on holiday with Invisible Body Spray! Find out how.
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Going for Glow!

Achieve glowing, healthy and radiant skin with the signature glow facial now available at Face & Body
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Skin tag removal with electrolysis

Edinburgh skin tag removal. Remove your skin tags safely and quickly using Advanced STEREX Electrolysis that ensures no scarring.

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