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For 20% of the adult population the agony of adult acne is an ongoing issue, but Face & Body in Edinburgh can help you reduce the impact of acne.


Whilst many of us are lucky enough to leave spots and pimples behind with our teenage crushes, for around 20% of the adult population, the agony of acne is an ongoing issue.

At any age, acne can cause misery. It can hit your confidence, making you feel self conscious and anxious. As one adult acne suffer told me,

“It’s more than just feeling a bit down because you’ve got a few spots, it’s the dread of someone taking your photo, it’s that nagging feeling that people are judging you or that they can’t quite look you in the face when they speak to you. It makes you feel that no matter how great your hair looks, how nice your outfit is, or how happy you are with your new lipstick it’s all overshadowed by the fact your skin is covered in spots.”

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It’s a situation many of the acne sufferers who come to us may be able to relate to. Often they’ve tried every so-called-miracle cure in the chemist and still the problem persists, some have tried their GPs and found that they don’t always get the understanding they’d like. Or they’ve had short-term success with antibiotics, but found that the problem returns once treatment ends.

Making things manageable

Whilst we can’t cure acne – no one can, no matter what they say – we can treat it and help make it manageable. The solutions can be simple for some, more complex for others, which is why we don’t offer an ‘off the peg’ treatment plan. We sit down with you, talk about your concerns, carry out a skin analysis and use the information that it provides to create a plan especially for you.

One thing that we encourage most patients to do, however, is think about what they’re putting inside their bodies. We understand that eating the perfect diet isn’t always easy when you’re busy – perhaps that’s why, for example, around 95% of us don’t get enough Vitamin A (a vital vitamin for healthy skin). We find that a lot of patients experience noticeable improvements to their skin problems when they take Accumax – unlike some acne treatments it’s not an antibiotic, it’s a natural nutritional supplement with Vitamin A and a special phytonutrient that can help with problem skin.

We often combine this with a tailored selection of products from the Obagi CLENZIderm range as well as making recommendations about how small lifestyle changes, perhaps cutting down on caffeine or drinking more water, can help.

For many people this can be enough to address the issue. For others additional treatments are useful – many find that they get good results from using a Lustre Pure Light system at home, whilst others benefit from in clinic treatments such as acne peels, it’s all down to what’s right for the individual and what gets results for them.

If you are concerned about acne then come and have a complimentary medical consultation with me.

Have a great weekend.


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