4 Simple Ways To Keep Young Hands

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Learn 4 simply ways to keep your hands looking young with prevention and TLC hand rejuvenation.1

When you think about anti-ageing skincare, do you automatically focus on preventing wrinkles around the eyes or sagging skin around the neck and décolleté? How often do you think about your hands?

Along with your eyes and neck, your hands are one of the first place to display the signs of ageing. That’s because your hands are constantly exposed to environmental factors and sun damage.

Ageing diminishes the plump layer of tissue on the back of your hands allowing veins and tendons to become more visible. In addition, the skin on your hands thins allowing the sun damage to appear as pigmentation and age spots.

Yet, most of us don’t do more than rub on the occasional hand cream. So, let me guide you through the common hand care mistakes that make you look older…

How do you protect your hands from the sun?

Now, I’m not saying you should walk around wearing gloves all year, but it’s just as important to protect your hands from the sun as it is to your face. I would recommend you apply Heliocare SPF50 to your hands every morning as part of your daily routine.

How do you protect your hands from water?

Whether you are washing the dishes, bathing your kids or cleaning the house, your hands frequently encounter water, which can be a ‘stressor’ to the skin.

Repeated water contact can strip lipids from your skin and damage your skin’s barrier function resulting in your hands becoming dry, which can lead to inflammation and premature skin ageing. I recommend you simply use a pair of rubber gloves when possible to protect your hands and reduce any damage.

How do you clean your hands?

How you clean your skin has a big impact on its condition. You probably agonise over various skin cleanser options for your face, but few people consider their hands.

Using a harsh soap when washing disrupts your skin’s pH which will increase your skin’s dryness, sensitivity and can flare-up any inflammatory skin condition. The problem increases as you age since your skin’s barrier is not able to retain moisture as efficiently, and consequently your skin becomes dry and sensitive quickly.

I recommend you use a gentle soap on your hands, with moisturising benefits, avoid simply using a cheap soap bar or reaching for the washing up liquid in the kitchen sink.

What TLC do you give your hands?

When was the last time you treated you hands to some proper love? If you feel your hands look much older than your true age, then get them treated. The sooner you give them some TLC the quick they will bounce back.
I would recommend two options for rejuvenating your hands:

  1. Ellanse which is a dermal filler and collagen stimulator and can be used to restore the plump layer on the back of your hands to soften the appearance of your veins and tendons and thus immediately make your hand look more youthful. This will probably take a single treatment.
  2. IPL or laser treatments to reduce the visible pigmentation or age spots on your skin from sun damage. This may take 1-3 treatments.

To find out more about these treatments, see before and after photos and listen to Heather share her story visit our hand rejuvenation page. Or to book a consultation call 0131 226 9610.

Protect your hands in three simple steps and rejuvenate them in two!


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