Fat dissolving injections

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How Aqualyx fat dissolving injections can be used to permanently reduce stubborn pockets of fat in the face and body. 1

If you spotted the item about Aqualyx® in this week’s Mail on Sunday, you may be interested to know it’s one of the new treatments we’ve added to the Face & Body offering this year.

We already offer CoolSculpting, an award winning, FDA approved treatment for larger areas of stubborn fat, and Aqualyx® compliments it perfectly, as it’s designed to tackle smaller areas of stubborn fat.

A popular choice in Europe

Aqualyx® is already proving to be a hit in mainland Europe, where it’s been available since 2009. The treatment works by breaking down the outer walls of fat cells, so that they’re permanently destroyed.

It’s an injectable treatment – hence it being ideal for smaller areas of stubborn fat – and most patients report minimal discomfort, although there may be some swelling, redness and bruising in the treated area for a few days afterwards.

Gradual results that last a lifetime

Like CoolSculpting, Aqualyx® is not a short cut to weight loss – it’s designed to help banish the bumps that can be hard to shift after an otherwise successful diet and exercise regime. In other words, if you’ve stuck to your diet and exercised hard to reach your weight loss goal, but find there are still some stubborn areas of fat, maybe moobs or muffin tops, that you simply can’t shift - then Aqualyx® may be the right route for you.

Aqualyx® gives gradual results, so  depending on the area being treated you will need between three and six sessions.  You should also allow around three months for the full benefits of the treatment to show.

Carefully selected, because we care

As I’ve said before, the team and I always think really carefully about any new treatments we offer here at Face & Body. We felt that Aqualyx® not only complemented our existing range perfectly, but the clinical data behind it meant that it also fitted perfectly with our approach of only offering tried and tested treatments.

I’m delighted to be offering Aqualyx® and I think many of you will be delighted with the results. 


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