Body shape concerns - how to break the cycle

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Do you feel you are stuck in a cycle of diet, indulgence and guilt? If so, our body contouring treatments can help get your body shape under control.1

Has anyone got weight loss as a New Years resolution again? Does it feel like a hopeless cycle of diet, indulgence, guilt.

Yes - healthy eating and regular exercise can help us stay in shape and feel good. But - what many people don’t realise is that, as we get older, it gets more difficult to shift unwanted inches. It is unfair, you put in the hours at the gym, go cycling or walking, sign up for the Moonwalk or the Dryathlon, restrict your calories and you still can't shift the tyre around your middle.

It can have a real impact on how you feel. Perhaps you’re now turning away from the body-con dresses because they now make you feel body conscious for all the wrong reasons. If so, you’re not alone – a 2014 survey conducted by YouGov and commissioned by JD Williams found that 61% of women aged 18-49 were not body confident.

Looking beyond diets

Our body shape, and how we feel about it, can have a major impact on our confidence. And realising that diet and exercise may not be enough to shift stubborn fat can be difficult to come to terms with.

It’s hard to read about yet another celebrity dropping a dress size in a week thanks to the latest wonder diet, when you’ve been counting every calorie and still can’t shift your muffin-top or saddle-bags after more months of self-restraint than you care to think about.

I know the feeling all too well – after the birth of my second son I really focused on trying to shift my newly gained mummy-tummy. I'm a keen swimmer, but despite numerous lengths at the local pool and various diets the fat remained on my middle. This lead me to research and introduce body sculpting treatments at my clinic and they have certainly benefited me.

Body-sculpting treatments helped me get rid of my tummy and the risk of becoming obsessed with what I ate. The results made me feel a lot sexier and I even started to wear skimpy g-strings again, yahoo! If you’re experience is similar, you may find these treatments can do the same for you.

What is body sculpting?

Body sculpting treatments, such as Aqualyx and CoolSculpting, can help you get rid of stubborn fat forever. They literally eliminate fat cells, and over a period of months your body naturally excrets them, leaving you with a leaner, sleeker silhouette.

Body sculpting isn’t a quick fix – it takes a course of treatments and several months to see the final results – and they aren’t an alternative to dieting if you’re over-weight. They are, however, one of the best ways to get rid of the stubborn fat that even the most careful dieting and rigorous exercise regimes are unable to shift. The results are comparable with those you’d get with lipo, but without the expense, downtime and risks associated with surgery.

Why not just diet?

The basic fact is that stubborn fat is usually associated with age related or hormonal weight gain. It’s hard to get rid of though dieting alone – it may be one small pocket of fat in a specific area (for example, tummy, hips, thighs or moobs in men) and dieting simply can’t target just one body area. 

Counting calories can mean that you lose weight, but you lose it everywhere – not just the areas you want to target. Drastic weight-loss can be ageing (we need a certain amount of plumpness in the face, for example, to maintain a youthful look). Extreme dieting can also take its toll on our skin and hair, so in the worst case scenario you could end up looking gaunt, with lack lustre skin and hair, but STILL have the mummy-tummy, moobs or muffin top you hate. 

Body sculpting targets the area that’s causing you concern. Plus, unlike dieting, the results can last a lifetime.

A motivational boost

Are you embarking on a new weight loss regime? then FAB Inch Loss can be a great motivational tool. As the name suggests it can help you shed unwanted inches – many people see instant results – and after a course of treatments, with a healthy lifestyle you can expect to maintain those results for at least a year. People starting their weight-loss journeys have told us that the fact that FAB Inch Loss has made it possible to target their weight loss from those difficult to shift areas, their clothing starts to feel looser is the boost they need to really embrace their new eating and exercise plans. Watch Vanessa story below and hear her opinions.

FAB Inch Loss can also be combined with other treatments and it can help tone and tighten skin which many people who are losing weight find beneficial. 


Body confidence is NOT about trying to create the unrealistic perfect body image portrayed in the media. Even Kelly Brook and Christina Aguilera's famous curves have treatments to help them keep in shape. It is about helping you tackle stubborn areas of fat that remain, despite healthy eating and exercise, so that you feel confident in your unique body shape.

Wherever you are on your body shape journey, and wherever you want to be, body-sculpting treatments can help. We can help you find the right one, or combination of treatments, for you that empower you to feel confident in your body.  We all need to accept and love our natural body shape, but that doesn't mean we can't take steps to be the best we can be.

This year arrange a consultation with me and we can discuss options best suited to you.

Take care


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