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Paul Dunn Chairman of B1G1 visits Edinburgh to share how the global movement Business for Good is revolutionising the way business works, 20th Feb 20181

Face & Body has been involved in Business for Good for over 6 years - as a B1G1 business partner. During this time our team and customers have given over 125,000 giving impacts to help people in the developing world - BUT it has also inspired our team and brought joy to our customers.

I have invited Paul Dunn, serial entrepreneur and Chairman of B1G1, to come to Edinburgh and share insights from his business success and how the global movement Business for Good is revolutionising the way that business works at a special event on the 20th February.

In this video Paul explains a little about B1G1

Event registration - Tue 20th February 6:10pm

This special event is designed for SME business owners and decision makers in Edinburgh who want to:

  • Network and meet other owners and decision makers
  • Learn insights from one of the worlds top global business leaders
  • Learn about the movement Business for Good and how B1G1 facilitates connections
  • Find a away to create more meaning in their business for them, their team and their customers

I am confident that everyone who comes is going to love the event - Paul is a great motivational speaker. 

All you need to do is register here. And you can do that in one of 2 ways - come for FREE as my guest or better yet, grab what Paul calls a ‘Ticket for Good’. It’s just £29 and guess what, when you get that ticket, 5 kids will receive access to clean water … for life.

Event location

The event is at the James Maxwell Clark Foundation, 14 India Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6EZ (view in Google maps). Doors open at 6:10pm for arrival and refreshments, so easy to come on after work. I will introduce Paul at 6:50pm and we should be finished by 8:30pm.
No matter which ticket you choose, join me. I am positive you’ll get some really important business insights AND your business will start ‘connecting’ in some truly powerful ways.
Below you can see the impact Face & Body customers have made:

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