Chin filler: what’s involved?

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As the Marketing Exec at Face & Body, I am fortunate to see incredible results here at the clinic every day. It's amazing to see patients walk out feeling a more confident version of themselves. 
An area that I thought about for a while was my chin, and with my wedding day coming up, I was really interested in enhancing my confidence for the big day.

Why chin filler?

I was drawn to this treatment because I always felt I had quite a small chin from the front and side. I was happy with my jawline but felt that a slight tweak would really enhance my profile and balance my features.
I didn't want to worry about how wedding photos will turn out from certain angles, and this treatment would give me the confidence to feel good from every angle. 

What did it feel like?

I was amazed that even without local anesthetic this treatment was not painful (and I am quite a wimp!). 
Gemma applied some topical numbing cream for the first appointment, but for the second appointment I didn't have any numbing cream, and I didn't feel much of a difference. 
I was surprised to learn that the chin is not a very sensitive area!
The only part of the treatment where I had local anesthetic was when Gemma used a cannula to address the area between my lower lip and chin (but not everyone will need that). And of course, this was totally numb and therefore comfortable. 
Otherwise, I'd describe the sensation as a small scratch, followed by a slight 'pressured' sensation as the filler is slowly administered. 
Gemma was very careful and always informed me about what was happening. She really put me at ease, and I knew I was in expert hands so that helped a lot too.

How long did it take?

The whole appointment takes no more than 30 minutes, Gemma is a perfectionist so will stop and assess regularly to ensure the best results are achieved. 
The filler is injected into the chin very slowly, for me it was injected in 3 different points (the middle and either side off the chin). 

When do you see results?

Results are instant! You may experience slight swelling, which will settle within a couple days. 
If you need any further adjustment, this can be done during your complimentary review appointment 2 weeks later. 

Was there any recovery time?

Personally, my recovery time lasted up to 48 hours. The muscle in the chin adjusts to having the filler, and therefore feels quite tight and tender. 
For me, the tight sensation developed gradually after the appointment. That same evening, I felt that I had to rest and keep chatting to a minimum. I kept my chin safe from any collision! Apart from that, the tight sensation fades after a couple days and everything felt normal again. 
Nurse Gemma explains more from her expert point of view...
"Kaitlin has naturally amazing features and is going to be a stunning bride. The key to maintaining natural looking results is “tweaking” your natural beauty, rather than “changing” features. During Kaitlin’s consultation we discussed what she felt when she looked in the mirror and what her idea of a successful outcome would be. We did a full facial examination and agreed that Kaitlin was slightly short on the lower third of her face (the face can be horizontally divided into thirds - from the hairline to the eyebrows is 1/3, the brow to the base of the nose 1/3, and the base of the nose to the chin the last 1/3).  I explained that by adjusting the height, width and projection of the chin, we can often bring all facial features into the perfect balance - creating a better overall shape that enhances facial harmony. I selected a volumizing product that will give long-lasting, natural looking results and we did the treatment over two sessions to ensure the result was just right. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see the wedding photos!"

Feel more confident 

If your chin is an area of concern, I would highly recommend you come in for a consultation with one our medical experts to learn more.
I am so happy I had chin filler, it has made such a difference and I love it! I now feel confident for all the photos on my wedding day, all that's left to do is smile.
Kaitlin x
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