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Derna tells us all about her recent trip to Barcelona with Julie, as they expand their CoolSculpting knowledge on an intense training course.1
Julie and I have just come back from Coolsculpting training in Barcelona, it was fabulous! 
The training was held at the Allergan Medical Institute in Barcelona and was over 2 intense days of training which filled us with expert knowledge of the system and treatments which this brilliant medical device offers.

What is CoolSculpting?

Coolsculpting is an amazing safe and FDA cleared treatment. Effective and non-invasive, the treatment is a total revolution for anyone like myself who has areas of stubborn fatty tissue that just won’t shift through diet and exercise.  

Can we trust CoolSculpting?

There are 52 clinically cleared review papers, it is the most proven technology and is now owned by a large pharmaceutical company which means everything has to have proven results.
From 2017, 8 million Coolsculpting treatments have been performed worldwide and most probably this figure has increased since this data was taken!   

Where did CoolSculpting come from?

The method of treatment was originally discovered in 1970 when mothers in Mexico noticed their children started to develop dimples and red inflamed cheeks from eating ice lollies.  Also in 1980 women in North East United States noticed they had dimpling on the outer thighs due to horse-riding in the cold. 
Harvard based scientists did case studies and discovered the method really worked!

What results can you expect from CoolSculpting?

Patients of Coolsculpting can expect from 20 – 27% fat cell reduction which is a permanent reduction in the fat cells number and the beauty is there is no limit to the number of treatments you can have.  
It can treat so many different areas of the body including underneath the chin area as there are many different sizes of applicators. 10 treatments over the Abdomen area can give a liposuction result.  We can tailor a bespoke treatment plan for clients doing a 360 degree assessment.  The treatment works only on Subcutaneous fat.

Highlights from training in Barcelona

Julie and I loved meeting so many different practitioners from London, Turkey, Amsterdam, who are already using Coolsculpting in their clinics. 
It was great to hear about their amazing results from CoolSculpting, and also seeing before and after photos.
And of course it was an added highlight to finally see beautiful Barcelona with great company!

Next steps

Now that Julie and I are fully qualified in CoolSculpting, we can't wait to help enhance people's confidence!
We look forward to tailoring your bespoke CoolSculpting treatment plans! All I can say is this is a revolution for clients like myself for those stubborn pockets that just won’t shift. 
If you'd like to learn more about CoolSculpting and see whether you'd be appropriate for treatment, book a consultation to get started!
Derna x
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