Why Barcelona is cool for freezing fat

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CoolSculpting uses cryolipolysis to freeze fat and Becky joined an elite group of European delegates in Barcelona to learn about the latest research.1
When the Boss asks if you would like to be flown out to Barcelona to attend the Allergan Medical Institute Centre of Excellence for CoolSculpt training, it would be rude not to say YES!
So, off I went last week and enjoyed a jammed packed three days of intense training and knowledge updates to share with all of my lovely patients - and gosh I am full of fun facts now!
CoolSculpting is one of the most studied and proven body contouring treatments with 52 publications on over 5,000 patients and 6 million treatments worldwide. New evidence now shows the long term results from two patients, who had the treatment done many years ago, is maintained where the CoolSculpting procedure was performed even with those patients have put weight on.

CoolSculpting uses cryolipolysis

We achieve amazing results by cooling the skin tissue (cryolipolysis) to around 4 degrees using special patented technology that is proven to be safe and effective. This is where fat cells & only fat cells are targeted to go through a process of "apoptosis" (scary but satisfying to say – fat cell death!!). Once this has happened the body lifts these cells out the area and the lymphatic system will remove them from your body. I know what you’re thinking, sign me up!!
Well before we do that - it is very important that you pop by the clinic for a bespoke consultation where we would do a 360 assessment and profile the ideal plan of attack to achieve the shape you would desire, check the treatment is suitable for the body areas concerning you and then book you in for your treatment to transformation.
CoolSculpting machines are manufactured and tested in America where the technology went through years of FDA testing to get approval. Please note that the copy cat machines, often built in China, have not gone through the FDA safety and testing process and do not have the patented technology that targets just the fat cells rather than all cells. So when considering cryolipolysis - please stick to a genuine CoolSculpting provider.

International Barcelona student

It was wonderful being an international student with delegates from all over Europe. I have gained a lot of new knowledge to help me improve your fat freezing experience, but you’re probably wondering did I even get a chance to enjoy Barcelona! Do not fear, on the first evening I enjoyed a meal overlooking the beach and the whole of Barcelona, and on the second evening I explored the gothic quarter before finishing with the Sagrada Familia and some tapas & a cheeky glass of wine. Barcelona is awesome!
Your final question might be "Have I had CoolSculpting?". You bet, which is why I enjoyed all that tapas and my look on the beach with no fear - hehe.

Becky Xx

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