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Using dermal fillers and Platelet Rich Plasma treatments to correct poorly performed cosmetic surgery can be an option at Face & Body in Edinburgh.


The most worrying thing we see at Face & Body are patients who are forced to seek our help due to poor treatment received elsewhere. The results of inappropriate or badly performed cosmetic surgery can be devastating for a patient and, all too often, hard to hide as the work has been carried out on the face.

Helping patients repair bad surgery

By carefully combining our treatments, we’re able to help patients repair the damage and improve the appearance of the affected area.

At present there seems to be a growing trend towards facial liposuction – a quick search of the Internet brings up numerous clinics both in the UK and overseas offering it. The “before” and “after” photographs look amazing – double chins are banished, necks remerge and jowls vanish. It’s easy to see why it can be a tempting treatment.

The side effects and damage that it can lead to when poorly or inexpertly executed, however, are far less attractive. Scarring and indentations on the jaw line and face can occur. Because these indentations can be quite deep and have a large surface area, they are impossible to hide with make-up. As you can imagine, people who are affected by this are desperate to get things put right.

Dermal fillers can offer a solution

The patients I meet who have been affected by this are quite often considering corrective surgery – yet they’re understandably nervous about having another operation on their face. Thankfully by using dermal fillers – often in conjunction with other treatments – we are able to offer them a solution.

I find that we can get good results by combining PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections with the fillers. The PRP helps stimulate tissue regeneration whilst the fillers plump the skin.

Stimulating collagen

I like to use a Dermapen to deliver the PRP, this results in what is known as “controlled damage”, which helps to stimulate the body’s natural injury response, helping skin to repair and rejuvenate by stimulating collagen. This helps reduce scarring.

Combination treatments

Combined with the fillers – which live up to their name by literally filling the indentations – the results are often rapid and dramatic. In a recent case, after just one treatment, the patient no longer needed the corrective surgery they’d been considering.

This use of fillers is also popular with patients who find that tooth loss or removal (perhaps to have dentures fitted) has resulted in a sunken look around the mouth.

If you wish to discuss correcting too much volume loss in your face then call us for a complimentary consultation.


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