Fabulously fuzz and fuss free – for less than a monthly waxing

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Wouldn’t it be great to be able to wave goodbye to waxing appointments or retire your razor? Laser hair removal can make that dream come true.


Wouldn’t it be great to be able to wave goodbye to waxing appointments or retire your razor? You probably won’t be surprised that laser hair removal, which permanently removes the hair, lets you do just that – what may surprise you is just how cost effective it can be.

Over 5 years, Laser Hair Removal actually costs roughly the same as salon waxing appointments. Despite this, many people still see laser hair removal as an expensive solution to an everyday issue…

I’ve done some sums and worked out the costs of various different hair removal methods over a number of years. Assuming that most of us will begin to tackle unwanted hair in our late teens – if not sooner – and are likely to carry on for most of our adult lives, it’s not unreasonable to assume that we’ll be waxing or shaving on a regular basis for at least 40 years.

To make things fair we need to compare like with like, so I’ve focused on the typical costs of lower leg hair removal. This is because it’s the area we’re asked to treat most often and – for the ladies at least – it’s likely to be the area that most of us will have tried the widest range of hair removal methods on.

Home shaving

Shaving legs for hair removalLet’s start with shaving, after all it’s probably the first thing we tried in our teens in our quest for smooth and silky legs. Many people still favour this – it’s seen as quick and easy solution – but with an increasingly sophisticated range of razors on the market it’s no longer quite the cheap and cheerful method it used to be. A quick trip to the chemist revealed that razor blades can be surprisingly costly – I found some with built in moisturising balm that worked out at well over £3 per blade. Even assuming that you only shave your legs every two to three days – although many people do it daily – and that you only replace the razor blades every couple of weeks, that still works out at £80 a year. 

And that’s just on razor blades; this sum doesn’t factor in the initial purchase of the razor, or any shaving gels or balms you use (these can cost up anything between £3 and £15 each). In other words, that £80 a year is very much a conservative estimate. It also assumes that most of us only bin the blades when they’re dull (usually after around ten uses) rather than when some experts say we should (after every couple of uses). If you change your blades even half as frequently as you should, that £80 estimate could easily double.

I’ve based my calculations on the lowest estimate of £80 per year, but even so the cost of shaving adds up alarmingly:

Cost of shaving for hair removal

Salon waxing

Salon waxing for hair removalMany people move onto salon waxing as they get older and have more disposable income. It’s easy to see why – the promise of silky smooth legs and better, longer lasting results than you can achieve yourself is pretty appealing. Of course, there’s that in-between stubbly stage to deal with as you wait for your hair to be long enough to re-wax and all that time spent attending appointments every few weeks, but many women still see waxing as an easy and cost effective solution.

I looked at a number of Edinburgh salons’ price lists and found that a lower leg wax typically costs around the £20 mark. Assuming – and this is a conservative estimate based on only waxing every six weeks – you have ten treatments a year that adds up to £200. It doesn’t sound that much until you start to add it up over time:

Cost of Salon Waxing for hair removal

Yes, a ‘lifetime’ of lower leg waxing could end up costing you almost twice as much as a first class return flight from Edinburgh to New York! 

Professional laser hair removal

So, how much does laser hair removal cost? Of course the initial treatments are going to be more expensive – a course of six lower leg treatments is £895.

After that, however, you’ll only need a single annual maintenance treatment (costing £49) to remove any random hairs from the treated area (and not every one needs this every year.

So let’s look at the figures:

Cost of laser hair removal
Over 40 years, the annual cost of Laser Hair Removal averages out at just over £70 per year – in other words, long term it’s cheaper than shaving. And in just 5 years it can be cheaper than waxing. It’s a rather pleasant surprise isn’t it? And remember, I’ve been quite conservative in my costings of the other treatments, depending on your preferences you could, for example, easily spend more than I’ve estimated on waxing in a year.

Comparison of hair removal costs over 40 years

But it’s not just the cost that makes Laser Hair Removal a great option; because the results are permanent, you’ll have fuzz free legs and a fuss free life. No more nicked ankles due to a speedy shave ahead of an impromptu night out, no more worrying about the appearance of stubbly shins half way through your holiday and no need to try to fit a waxing appointment into your schedule every few weeks.

Plus just think of all the time you will save over the years. If you shave 4 times a week, and you spend 15 minutes each time (that’s pretty quick) then that is 60 minutes a week, 52 HOURS a year and 86 DAYS in 40 years! That's 6 two week holidays. Outrageous! Of course salon waxing is going to consume even more time. In comparison laser hair removal would only take a maximum of 6 hours in the first year and then perhaps 30 minutes every year.

It really is the perfect hair removal solution – can you seriously afford not to give it a go? To discuss it further come in for a test patch with either myself or Becky.



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