Relax and let Dermalux rejuvenate your skin

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Dermalux is a wonderfully relaxing treatment using specialised pure light to accelerate your skin’s natural rejuvenation & repair process.1

I’m delighted to tell you that we’re offering another new award winning treatment here at Alva Street; Dermalux LED Phototherapy.

Dermalux is a wonderfully relaxing treatment that harnesses the power of pure light to accelerate your skin’s natural rejuvenation and repair process. You literally lie back and let it do all the work, and – around 20 minutes later – you’re ready to go, looking (and feeling) relaxed and rejuvenated.

Dermalux benefits

Dermalux can be used to treat a range of conditions including acne and rosacea, as well as being a great way to give your skin a boost and reduce fine lines. It’s so versatile because the wavelengths used can be adjusted to suit your specific needs, and because it’s UV free there’s no risk of skin damage or irritation.

Even if you’re using products (such as some of our prescribed acne skincare), which can increase your skin’s sensitivity to sunlight, you can use Dermalux safely and with complete confidence. In fact, if you’re suffering from acne you’ll find that it’s a great way to boost the effectiveness of your skincare regime and – unlike some treatments – it can be used mid-breakout or whilst your acne is active.

Dermalux can also benefit those experiencing the symptoms of psoriasis, dermatitis and can, in some cases, help reduce the appearance of scars (depending on their type and how recent they are).

Dermalux anti-ageing

And, because it boosts collagen production, triggering the skin’s natural defences, Dermalux can also help restore a youthful plumpness to your skin, may help reduce the appearance of fine lines and is guaranteed to give the skin a wonderful glow.

One patient who has already experienced Dermalux said it gave her skin “the glow and appearance that certain brightening creams always promised but never delivered.”

Dermalux options

We’ll be offering Dermalux as both a stand-alone treatment (although this will depend on your individual needs), as part of our Medi-Facials, and as an extra option as part of our treatment programmes for issues such as acne and sensitive skin. We’ll be also offering Dermalux to patients who are having peels or needling treatments, as it can help reduce post-treatment redness (by up to 50%) – so you can enjoy less down time and even better results.

We think, based on our research and the feedback to-date, that Dermalux is going to be a firm favourite with a lot of people, whatever their age and whatever their skin concerns (if any – even if you’re generally happy with your skin, Dermalux can give it an extra glow – and it’s wonderfully relaxing).

We’re proud to be the first clinic in Edinburgh to offer Dermalux and are very excited about the benefits it will offer so many of our patients. Watch this space for more information and news of more new treatments. 

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