6 Simple Steps to Great Skin

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Victoria talks about her capsule skincare range for women with busy jobs, commitments and family who want an easy-to-use regime that is a guilt-free indulgence.


This weekend is the 88th Academy Awards, but the Hollywood stars will have started their Oscar face and body prep many weeks earlier and will have already spent thousands of dollars on cleanses, scrubs, facials and treatments, to ensure a glowing complexion on the big night.

The red carpet beauty regime might be beyond most of us, but even a less time-consuming routine can be a problem. We often don't have the time to invest in a complex morning skincare regime, before rushing off to do the school drop off or to get to work on time - nor the inclination to indulge in a lengthy pre-bed beauty routine. But we all want great skin that gives us the confidence to face the world, particularly as we get older.

It was this conundrum that led me to launch my own skincare range this year. Using cutting-edge, clinically-proven active ingredients my DR VICTORIA brand is a capsule skincare range that targets the six steps to great skin.

Six steps to great skin

DR VICTORIA CLEANSE labelStep 1: Cleanse and repeat

A thorough cleanse is essential before applying any moisturising or anti-ageing products and this principle is behind my CLEANSE  - Prepare Your Skin cleanser. Oil cleansers do a fantastic job of thoroughly cleaning the face of old make-up or dirt and my cleanser product contains jojoba, sweet orange and olive oils.


DR VICTORIA SAFEGUARD labelStep 2: Safeguard your skin

Protection should always be key and the active ingredients in the SAFEGUARD - Protect & Moisturise product both prevent damage from sun radiation as well as reversing earlier sun impairment.


DR VICTORIA EYE REFINE labelStep 3: It's all about the eyes

I see so many women and men wanting to reverse the signs of ageing around the eyes. The delicate, thin skin and expressive movement of muscles around the eyes means that this area can be the first to show the visible signs of skin ageing. Which is why I included in the range EYE REFINE - Firm & Illuminate serum specially designed to soften and smooth the eye area, leaving it plump, hydrated and youthful.

DR VICTORIA RADIANCE labelStep 4: A hero product

Every skincare range should have a weapon up its sleeve, so RADIANCE - C10 Brightening Serum was developed with 10% L-ascorbic acid, the most stable form of vitamin C. I love vitamin C for its ability to boost radiance, reduce pigmentation and make the skin look really healthy.


DR VICTORIA RE-BOOST labelStep 5: Overnight recovery

Studies show that cell turnover is eight times faster at time, meaning that night is the ideal time to maximise your beauty sleep. The RE-BOOST - Recover Overnight product contains ingredients that work hard to turn back the ageing clock.


DR VICTORIA REVIVE labelsStep 6: Revive, restore and rejuvenate

My belief is that achieving radiant skin is far more important than targeting a line or wrinkle. My REVIVE - Rejuvenate Your Skin product aims to reverse dull, tired and ageing skin without inflaming or antagonising it.


A skincare regime should work in synergy with your life. I see a lot of women at my clinic with red, irritated skin from using different products from different ranges. I believe it's not necessary to over-treat or over-load the skin to be effective.

I launched my skincare in the clinic at the start of this year and since then it's been very positively received for the results it has delivered. I would like to invite you all to visit the clinic and have a Skin Analysis and learn more about the DR VICTORIA skincare range.

I know I won't win an Oscar for my movie, but I had great fun making it at Glasgow's Corinthian Club, and I am confident that if you try my six steps to great skin you will find it a winning combination.

Wishing you radiant beautiful skin.


P.S. You can purchase DR VICTORIA skincare online or by visiting the clinic at 32 Alva Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4PY.

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