Fractional Skin Resurfacing

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EndyMed TIGHTEN & FSR treatments are an amazing way to firm and tighten skin laxity or smooth and resurface poor skin texture. See the results...1
One of the things that makes me so proud to work at Face & Body is that the company is always researching new treatment options using the latest clinically proven science. This year after an extensive trial the clinic introduced the EndyMed 3DEEP machine and it is proving to be an enormous success.
I had confidence in the technology as soon as we completed the trial, but I have been amazed by the results I have achieved with my patients over the past six months.
Endymed utilizes a new generation of radiofrequency technology which can be applied in several different ways - I use the TIGHTEN and FSR (Fractional Skin Resurfacing) elements for my treatments.


Many of my patients have described the TIGHTEN treatment as feeling just like a hot stone massage for the face - and as it has become a personal favourite - I can agree from experience. Actually, it makes me dreamy around the eyes and I’ll be honest I often catch up on a few zzz during it. With this in mind it sounds unlikely that I would be able to achieve results with such a lush treatment, but that’s the beauty of the TIGHTEN element which delivers controlled, focused radiofrequency deep into the skin so gently whilst stimulating new collagen production. The final result is visible tightening and lifting of lax skin – so less wrinkles. Before you get too excited it does take time to complete the skin regeneration process, which means results are visible between 3-5 months, but it’s worth that wait!

Fractional Skin Resurfacing 

The FSR treatment - I think it is fast becoming legendary amongst our patients.  FSR is perfect for people who are not keen on having a chemical peel, but have poor skin texture and tone combined with fine lines.
The technology delivers the radiofrequency energy to the skin’s epidermis and upper layer in a specialised manner that promotes healing while tightening and resurfacing.  It uses technology like TIGHTEN to stimulate new collagen production in the upper layer to improve the underlying structure thus tightening and smoothing the skin’s surface. While all this exciting stuff is happening, the epidermis is resurfaced using microdots of intense radiofrequency energy, which allows fresh new skin to appear for a brighter and more radiant complexion.
Due to the resurfacing element - you can resemble a tomato afterwards which for most people lasts 3-4 hours, but for a few can last up to 48 hours. However, all my patients agree the very small amount of downtime is so worth the results. One of my patients has kindly agreed for me to use her before and after image and you can see her fabulous results.
These pictures were taken after just two treatments and three months from the first. My patient is saying her skin feels firmer and tighter - plus she can see the difference when looking in the mirror. (I would also like to point out that my patient has had no other treatments in-between these photos.) Just look at the areas around her forehead and eyes to see the reduction in lines - plus you can see an overall improvement in the skin's texture on the cheeks.
EndyMed Fractional Skin Resurfacing results
Just like the TIGHTEN this treatment takes a few months before you see the full results - because collagen production takes time - however you will notice the resurfacing results earlier.
I love this treatment and really believe it’s a great alternative to chemical peels or laser fractional skin resurfacing - which has far more down time and can leave the skin thin and waxy.  If you are wondering – YES the whole team are using it – including Victoria and Hamish! 

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