How EndyMed Intensif can help acne scarring

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EndyMed Intensif's combination of micro-needling & radiofrequency is very effective at treating acne or trauma scarring, stretch marks or skin laxity.1
Hi, going to talk about one of my favouriate treatments for tightening and plumping skin, which is very effective at treating acne or trauma scarring, stretch marks or skin laxity - its called EndyMed Intensif.
This skin rejuvenation treatment delivers uniformly distributed radiofrequency deep into your skin’s dermis using tiny micro-needles. The combination of micro-needling and radiofrequency stimulates a dramatic response in your skin - where the treated tissue, over time, is replaced with brighter, healthier tissue.

What's involved?

The treatment does not take long, 30-60 mins, depending on the surface area to be treated. We apply a bit of numbing cream before the treatment, so you even get 30 mins to relax and do nothing, now how often does that happen?
The treatment feels a bit prickly on the skin, but its not painful due to the numbing cream.
After treatment your skin will be a little red, warm and slightly swollen - a bit like you have sun burn. Don’t worry, the redness subsides quickly - usually within 24-48 hours. However, don’t do this treatment if you have a special event the following day. After treatment, a soothing gel will be applied to your skin to aid recovery.

When do results show?

The best results are achieved after a course of 3 monthly treatments. Then we wait. It takes about 3-4 months to see the full results. During this time your skin responds naturally by encouraging the treated tissue to be replaced with fresher healthier looking skin.
We have had the EndyMed system in the clinic for over 18 months and it has become an extremely popular treatment, because of the results it delivers. Clients who have had EndyMed treatments are now returning for maintenance sessions after 12 months and are still delighted with results that this treatment achieves.
Good skincare to accompany this treatment is a must. If you purchase a course of EndyMed treatments, we will include some DRVICTORIA skincare products as part of your package.

Feedback from one of my clients

My thanks to Danielle for permission to share these pictures. Danielle came to see me with concerns about acne breakouts and scarring. Her before and after pictures below, taken 1 year apart, show her results after 3 EndyMed Intensif treatments.
Danielle before and after images for EndyMed treatment
“After having this treatment at Face & Body I have noticed a dramatic difference in my skin. I used to suffer from constant breakouts and alongside that I have scarring that never goes away. I have tried so many different skincare regimes and brands but I had no success. When I went to visit Face & Body they recommended Sebuwash and AVST moisturiser which are definitely the best two products I have ever used. The EndyMed Intensif treatment was only 3 sessions and my skin is now the best it has been in years. I only get a breakout about once every month and the scarring has reduced! I love my skin now”. Danielle 
Good things come to those who are patient.
If you have acne or trauma scars or stretch marks and want to learn more then arrange a consultation with me where I can determin if this treatment is suitable for you and explain everything in detail.

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