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Becky explains why the radiofrequency technology in the new EndyMed SHAPER delivers better skin tightening results on the body. 

One of the reasons I love working at Face & Body is that we are always so lucky to have the most up to date and effective treatments.
Last year the EndyMed machine was launched, after extensive research and trials, and it has proved very popular with both patients and practitioners.  We have performed over 380 treatments and achieved quite incredible results with very little downtime.  When reviewing results 6 months after the last treatment we have seen skin quality go from zero to hero!

New EndyMed SHAPER 

EndyMed SHAPER headpiece showing electrodes focusing energyFollowing on from the brilliant facial results we have achieved with the EndyMed TIGHTEN, it was a natural progression to offer a treatment for the body too.  So, we are now introducing the EndyMed SHAPER headpiece which is excellent for skin tightening on the body. 
The innovative SHAPER headpiece delivers the 3DEEP radiofrequency technology in a new and dynamic way.  Instead of linear electrodes the SHAPER headpiece has circular electrodes - see my diagram.
This allows us to reach much deeper depths (an incredible 1 cm into the skin), nearly twice the power of other radiofrequency headpieces on the market. I have marked on the diagram how the electrodes are attracted to each other to achieve this depth and target desired area. 

EndyMed SHAPER Results

The new SHAPER technology doesn't deliver results any faster, but it does achieve better results! Unfortunately, good things take time, but the wait is worth it.
Radiofrequency treatments create heat to specific temperatures (41-44 degrees) to allow the body to create and knit together new collagen and elastin giving firmer skin, but delivering the heat deeper and uniformly up to the skin's surface we get better treatment outcomes.
The EndyMed SHAPER is perfect for tightening loose, sagging skin on the arms, abdomen and upper legs.
 A 30 minute consultations for this amazing new treatment can be booked with either myself or Derna and cost £25.  Treatments prices start from £99 and courses are available with 6 treatments for the price of 5.
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