An even, safe tan on holiday

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Achieve an even and safe tan on holiday with Invisible Body Spray! Find out how.1

As a receptionist at Face & Body, I have gained valuable insights from my colleagues about skin care and protection. Did you know that daylight alone is enough to damage your skin's precious collagen?! (That's right, even in Scotland).

It's safe to say our skin gets damaged faster in warmer, sunnier climates. We notice it more, because of the speed it happens at. 

Having just come back from a fabulous holiday to Holetown in Barbados I thought I’d share my thoughts on the new Heliocare 360 Spray.

Sun protection for all of the family

As I went with my husband and 8 year old daughter Lily, I needed sun protection that was water proof, SPF 50 + and that had both UVA and UVB protection. It was perfect timing when I found out Heliocare 360 had just launched their new Invisible Body Spray - it ticked all the boxes for me!

The spray is so easy to use, and so light on the skin. You don't even need to rub it in, the aerosol leaves an even and invisible mist on your skin.
My daughter loved the fact that when it went on it wasn’t all sticky, so she could easily pop clothes straight on after and head out in to the sun. The bonus for my husband was that there wasn’t a strong smell that some sun creams have.

Convenient sun protection

We all used the spray at least twice a day and came back with a nice even tan, my daughter especially. The spray lasted us the whole 10 days of the holiday, and there was even a little left too!
I would recommend this to anyone heading off to the sun or even just for some nice weather here in the summer for covering the body. I would definitely use it again. I already use Heliocare Sun Touch on my face for easy every day protection, Heliocare has never let me down and I know my skin will thank me for looking after it.
Jillian x


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