When perspiration turns to Sweaty Betty

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Do you consider yourself a Sweaty Betty? And by that I mean you sweat profusely, not that you are a fashion icon! Did you know you can stop it?1

Perspiration is normal when you're hot or involved in a physical activity. But if you regularly feel like Sweaty Betty when simply standing still, then you may be suffering from excessive sweating - hyperhidrosis to use it's medical term.

Hyperhidrosis is not a condition well known by the public, which means excessive sweating often leads to social embarrassment. Typically those affected suffer in silence or avoid social situations, because its hard to disguise.

If you've been affected you may recognize some of these scenarios:

  • Avoiding handshakes or the holding of hands due to sweaty palms, which can be interpreted as a sign of nerves or a lack of hygiene.
  • Never taking your shoes off, because fungi infections easily develop on moist sweaty feet to make smelly feet.
  • Limiting your clothes to black or white where sweaty patches don't show as much.
  • Having to change your clothes several times in a day.
For many of my patients, that I have treated over the last 10 years, it has become the procedure that has changed their lives.

Don't confuse it with menopause

The menopause is a normal part of ageing and generally most women start perimenopause in their early 40's, but some can start as early as 35. Perimenopausal women will experience hot flushes and night sweats, but you should not confuse this with hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis sufferers will often be aware of their condition by their adolescence and may find it runs in the family. For help on reducing hot flushes and night sweats please see our information on bio-identical hormone therapy

Treatment for excessive sweating

At present the most effective, and long lasting treatment for hyperhidrosis is anti-perspiration injections, which block the chemical signals from your nerves that are stimulating the sweat glands producing the excessive sweating.

What is involved in a treatment

First, I test the problem area to locate the sweat glands - this is easy for under the arms, but can be more difficult for other areas. I then mark out and clean the area to be treated.
Next I perform multiple tiny injections in the area(s) marked out, which take about 5 mins per area. Most of my clients find it a bit nippy, but tolerate it well.
It takes a couple of weeks for the treatment to work, which is why I see you again at 2-3 weeks for a review and treat any remaining sweat glands missed. After every treatment, you should keep the treated areas clean and avoid swimming pools, saunas or spas for 48 hours. The best bit is the results typically last 4-6 months.
As with any medical procedure, there is a risk of complications, which is why you should come in for a consultation first to check it’s the right treatment for you. A 30 minute consultation, costs just £25, and allows me to review your medical history, examine the problem area and discuss treatment options in detail with you.
Don't let hyperhidrosis destroy your self-confidence come in and see me,
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