Freeze Away Your Double Chin!

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Freeze away small pockets of fat with the new CoolMini - perfect for double chins, bra fat & fatty knees.1
Exciting news, as we introduce our newest handpiece to the CoolSculpting family: the CoolMini!!

As many of you, our beautiful patients will know, I am very passionate about the CoolSculpting procedure. With having a helping hand myself from treatment, I have had incredible results. Whenever we get a new handpiece, I just know that the technology works and there will be even more areas where we can help you achieve amazing results.

How does CoolSculpting work?

CoolSculpting is a procedure where we use a light vacuumed handpiece to cool concern areas to a specific temperature where fat, and only fat cells, are put through a process of apoptosis. This is where a cell goes into cell death – how fab, fat cell death! After the cell has been through this process, the body absorbs these cells through the lymphatic system.
Between 3 weeks and 3 months, the fat cells that were unable to be targeted settle and our results are seen. At each treatment, we can expect to see around about a 27% reduction of fat tissue.

What is the Cool Mini?

The CoolMini was the first handpiece to be created as a cool cup, meaning the whole handpiece is the cooling plate. The CoolMini is the handpiece that will pioneer the design of all future handpieces!

Since it's release, it has been ever so popular worldwide. Now having FDA clearance for skin tightening with specific protocols, and of course, the all-important fat reduction for the submental area (Double chin).
The CoolMini can also be used for other tiny fat pockets around the body, most common areas being bra fat or above the knees.
Watch to see Steph and I practising during our CoolMini training session, on Managing Director Hamish!

How does the CoolMini compare to other treatments?

At the clinic we also use Aqualux for treating fat in the submental area, however the swelling following Aqualux lasts up to 2 weeks. With the CoolMini downtime is significantly less, and results are achieved more quickly, saving precious time!

How much does CoolMini cost?

Area from £
Double Chin 1400
Bra Fat 1400
Fatty Knees 1400


A tailored plan for you

Everyone is unique, with this in mind - all our CoolSculpting transformation plans are tailored for each of your specific needs.

Becky x
Update with Hamish's results

4 months after treatment


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