Frown lines, we all have them!

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What causes frown lines and why are some called dynamic lines and others static lines? Gemma explains frown lines and how to treat that grumpy look.1
Better known to some as “11’s” due to the appearance of deep vertical lines nestled between the eyebrows when we frown. 
Frown lines are caused by thinning of the skin as you age, sun damage and repeated contraction of the muscles above the eyebrow and the top of the nose.  The eyebrow muscles draw the brows together causing the vertical lines, whilst the muscle at the top of the nose causes the horizontal line over the bridge of the nose when it’s contracted. 
For some, these lines only appear when they make a facial expression and the muscles are contracted (we call these “dynamic lines”) for others the lines can become “etched” into their skin making them a permanent feature (known as “static lines”). 
For most of us, frown lines aren’t very welcome.  Not only can they can make you look annoyed, grumpy, stern or angry (even if that’s not how we are feeling inside) - constant frowning can also be a cause of headaches. 
Frown lines on a woman

How can we neutralise that grumpy look!

Anti-wrinkle injections are FDA approved neuro toxins that block the ability of nerves to make muscles contract.  Using these injection treatments to relax the muscles that cause you to frown can provide you with a more relaxed facial appearance, making you look more approachable and refreshed; reducing the likelihood of being misinterpreted as grumpy or stern.
The frown treatment typically consists of 3-7 tiny injections (all treatments I perform are bespoke to the individual as we are all unique).  It takes around 15-30 minutes and after the treatment there may be some redness at the injection sites which will settle within a couple of hours. 
Results generally last around 4 months, but do take up to 14 days to show in full. I like to see you back between 14-21 days to reassess and make sure we achieved the outcome agreed at your consultation.   
In some instances where very deep static "frown lines" are present, you may require a combination treatment of anti-wrinkle injections injections to relax the muscles and dermal filler to fill those deeper lines which can be done in the same treatment.
If you would like to discuss this treatment in more detail then arrange a face to face consultation where I can create a treatment plan that is right for you.
A consultation takes 30 minutes and costs £25. 
See you soon.
Gemma xxx

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