Going for Glow!

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Achieve glowing, healthy and radiant skin with the signature glow facial now available at Face & Body1

All of you, our beautiful patients, are receiving amazing results all the time. But more and more once any skincare concerns are addressed, you’ll want that little bit extra, that glow & radiance.

We now have the solution to give you a beautiful glow, to get people asking, “what have you done to your skin?!”

How to get your glow?

The Signature Glow Facial is a tailored treatment where we look at your concerns and combine 3 different elements to achieve radiant, glowy skin.

First, we select a mask to address your main concern of your skin. During this time, a dreamy shoulder and neck massage will be done.

We then we do a resurfacing peel to exfoliate deep and reveal glowing radiant skin! We use a peel which is rich in lactic, salicylic and resorcinol which is the magic ingredient to pull the acids deep and increase the effectiveness of this peel. Lactic acid is great exfoliator which will increase cell turn over to improve texture, and smooth away fine lines. The salicylic is again an exfoliant which is penetrated through the pores very easily to ease congestion, control oil & additional this acid is anti-inflammatory.

After we have completed the mask & peel we will finish the treatment by using our finishing products, these are potent serums which will again further address any concerns you may have.

After the treatment is done, you will be sent home with a homecare kit, that will last a week. This will ensure your skin is looked after correctly to achieve the best outcome.

Who can have the signature glow facial?

After hearing that you are probably wondering if you can have this treatment! Well due to our ability to change so many elements of the Signature Glow Facial, it is suitable for anyone!

Whether you have sensitive, rosacea prone skin or dull skin, this treatment will give you that glow.

At consultation we can discuss how to prepare for this treatment if needed, and what will be involved in your signature glow journey.

Reveal your skin’s potential

We can resurface your skin to reveal healthy, smooth, even skin with minimal recovery time.

With a tailored treatment plan and skincare to boost and maintain results, each treatment will change as your skin evolves. The beauty of this treatment is it can change as your skin changes.

Let’s go for the glow!

Becky x


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