Hyperhidrosis sufferers don't need to suffer in the hot weather

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Why hyperhidrosis sufferers don't need to suffer excessive sweating in the hot weather - thanks to injection treatments with results that last 4-6 months.1

What a great April - I hope you have been enjoying the fantastic weather. April looks set to be the hottest April on record and I dare say, like me, you wanted to enjoy the sunshine and wear summer clothes.

Unfortunately if you suffer with hyperhidrosis, which is the medical term for excessive sweating, you might have found the recent heat and sunshine causing you a few problems.

Sweating is a natural function to control your body temperature, but if you suffer with hyperhidrosis this can cause significant embarrassment with large wet patches under the armpits being the most common sign.

Hyperhidrosis comes about your sympathetic nervous system, which controls involuntary responses such as sweating and blushing, fails to regulate your sweating.  External heat doesn’t help your situation and this condition can be extremely debilitating in social situations, where it limits your choice of clothes.

Hyperhidrosis treatment

Although most people know anti-perspiration injections for helping the fight against wrinkles few realise that anti-perspiration injections injections are a highly effective treatment for the condition of hyperhidrosis. The anti-perspiration injections prevents the stimulation of overactive sweat glands so that the condition literally dries up.

The treatment only takes 30 minutes and you will see a dramatic improvement in 4 weeks with results that typically last 4-6 months.

Watch this patient talking about how hyperhidrosis treatments changed her life.

Don't suffer in the heat come and see us and let us help you enjoy the summer.





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