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How we can treat diffused redness, rosacea, pigmentation & thread veins using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) skin rejuvenation. 1
Having worked with IPL (Intensed Pulsed Light) systems for many years I have a vast knowledge of different systems - how effective some are over others and how the success from a treatment is not only due to the quality of the device, but also the experience and knowledge of the practitioner treating you.

IPL safety first

Everyone has probably heard of the horror stories from bad IPL treatments and quite frankly some are absolutely frightening.  However, IPLs used by professionally trained experts, where machines are annually serviced and tested, are very safe.  The majority of complications arise from poorly maintained equipment and / or poorly trained practitioners - something that is allowed to continue in the UK due to a lack of regulation.  So, when considering an IPL treatment always check the credentials of the clinic and the practitioner before going ahead to ensure your safety and the best possible outcome.

Treating vascular and pigment conditions

EXCELIGHT IPL 585 used for skin rejuvenation on the faceI am particular interested in treating vascular (target is haemoglobin) and pigment conditions (target is melanin) in the skin.  More and more people are concerned about thread veins, rosacea, diffused redness and brown flat lesions on the skin (pigment).  Its not that more people are suffering the condition, but more the case that people realise they don't have to put up with them or want to wear less make-up more frequently.
I like to cover all areas when consulting for the above concerns - take rosacea for instance: starting from inside the body where most skin conditions relate, to whether it be a hormone imbalance, food intolerance, allergy, recent op (general anaesthetic), oral medication - all of which will take a toll on your skin. I therefore start by ensuring you have the correct skincare and supplement advice to maintain healthy skin reduce flare-ups and promote recovery. Once we have your skin in balance we can look at treatment ,which is where IPL comes in.
With my passion for treating rosacea and telangiectasia (thread veins) on the face you can imagine how keen I was when Dr Victoria started team trials on the latest equipment for treating these conditions.  After 9 months of research and 6 months of trials, with some of the best solutions in the market, we chose the Lynton EXCELIGHT based on our clinical results and patient feedback. This was extremely exciting!


So with no more further ado…. our EXCELIGHT system has launched! It is a state of the art medical IPL for dermatological applications. It has wavelengths working from 550nm to 1100nm.  I am so happy I can now offer this to clients, it is the icing on the cake when treating rosacea and telangiectasia skin conditions.

How the treatments work

For facial thread veins, energy from the EXCELIGHT is absorbed by the blood vessels to cause thermo-coagulation with minimal disruption to the surrounding skin. Following treatment the vessels are absorbed by the body with no trace of the lesion.
For rosacea, which is a common skin inflammatory condition that results in red flushed skin with telangiectasia and sometimes red bumpy areas, the same thermo-coagulation process is carried out where the heated dried blood is cleared away by the white blood cells in a process called phagocytosis.  Rosacea responds well to IPL and although not a cure - it is very successful in reducing the visible signs.
For pigmented lesions the energy from the EXCELIGHT is absorbed by the melanin and the heat damages the cells containing melanin whilst causing minimal disruption to surrounding skin. After treatment, treated pigment will turn darker in colour and in some cases crust. Over the next few weeks these skin cells will gradually flake away from the skin reducing the appearance of pigmentation.

Consultation and patch testing

Consultation and patch testing is very important for everyone (even if you have had IPL or laser in the past, every device is different). Here we can determine the treatment parameters and judge how your skin might react to a treatment. This is a small trial area which allows your practitioner to assess how well the EXCELIGHT energy is being absorbed and whether the skin is responding in the necessary manner.
This costs £25 during which we will also build a personal treatment plan for you and explain in depth the treatment in relation to your concerns. Typically for most patients an initial course of 3 treatments is required. Please note that you can not have treatment during periods where you will expose the treated skin to extreme sun.
Thanks for reading and look forward to seeing you soon.
Steph xxx

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