Ink-credible results with laser tattoo removal

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Edinburgh laser expert, Stephanie, discusses laser tattoo removal using an Candela AlexTri-Vantage Q-switch laser to remove black, blue, red & green ink. 1

Whilst many people with tattoos adore their ink, for others they can be an all too permanent reminder of the past.

There are many reasons why people may wish to remove a tattoo. Perhaps your life has changed and your tattoo no longer feels appropriate, or maybe it’s simply that the design hasn’t stood the test of time. Whatever the reason behind the decision, finding a safe, and effective, way to remove a no-longer loved tattoo can be a real relief.

Hard to hide

Of course, some tattoos can be harder to hide than others. A design you no longer like which is on your arm or upper back, for example, can be more of an issue than one on the tummy or hip, simply because it is more likely to be seen.

As a result, people may feel that they have to choose clothing that covers up their tattoo for work or social occasions, so strapless dresses and short-sleeved tops are out of the question. Others spend hours covering their tattoo with make-up – which, whilst effective, can be time consuming and inconvenient. In these cases, finding a permanent way to get rid of the tattoo can make a huge difference.

Say good-bye to your old tattoo

Sadly, there’s no magic wand you can wave to erase the ink instantly. Removing a tattoo can be just as time consuming as creating it in the first place – so, as you would expect, small, simple designs are quicker and easier to remove than large complex tattoos.

The bottom line is, whatever it took to create the design, it’s going to take a similar amount of time and, I’m afraid, discomfort to remove it.

Most efficient laser

But the good news is that it can be done, thanks to our state-of-the-art AlexTri-Vantage laser. The laser breaks down the ink, which is then naturally eliminated by your body. Removing a design can’t be done overnight, and there will be some tell-tale short-term signs post-treatment – basically, you can expect swelling and redness.

The number of treatments needed will vary depending on the design, but even a simple tattoo will require a several treatments, which need to be spaced out at eight to twelve week intervals. And, as part of our commitment to care, we carry out a patch test six weeks before starting the removal process.

Plan ahead

As such, if you’re planning to have a tattoo removed ahead of a wedding or other big occasion you’ll need to plan your treatments well in advance.

It may not be an instant fix, but the results can be amazing even on green ink, which can be hard to remove and my patients tell me that the time is well worth it.

You can read more about our laser tattoo removal service here.


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