Top Tip: Layering Your Skincare Products

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We all know you should cleanse, moisturiser and protect, but do you understand how to layer your skincare products?1
A lot of my clients have been asking me what is the best order in which to put apply their skincare products. So, below is a general guide -but remeber if you have specific instructions from your therapist then you should follow those.

Morning routine

  1. Start Clean: Cleansing first thing in the morning with a facial wash or cleanser is a very important step. Especially, if you are using an active night product such as a Retinol cream - as this will always leave some dead skin cells on your skin's surface.
  2. Start Light: Serums are your next step as they are nice and light and deliver active ingredients into your skin. Always wait a few minutes before applying your next layer - this allows the previous product to penetrate correctly. I always pop on a product then go have a coffee, then pop my next layer on etc.  Pick a serum that is going to target your concern, for example if you feel your skin needs brightening use a Vitamin C serum which brightens the complexion.  I love Obagi Professional C Serum which is full of antioxidants - it protects the skin, brightens and promotes collagen production.
  3. Seal: Seal in the goodness with your chosen moisturiser, but don't use anything too thick.
  4. Delicate touches: Eye cream or serums are great for helping the delicate areas around your eyes stay hydrated and youthful looking. I like an eye cream with a light texture during the day, to go underneath my eye concealer, and more of creamy repairing cream at night time.
  5. Protect: Apply sunscreen to protect your skin, my favourite is Heliocare SPF50 which is lightweight enough to layer over multiple products.

Evening routine

  1. Double Cleanse: Double cleanse with your chosen cleansers, the first cleanse will remove make-up, the second cleanse will go deeper. I use a more active facial wash for my second cleanse that contains Salacylic & Glycolic acid to give a really deeply cleanse. DRVICTORIA™ REVEAL is an excellent option, but don't use it on sensitive skins or round the eye area.
  2. Retinol: I feel everyone would benefit from using a Vitamin A cream at night. Vitamin A is essential for reducing fine lines, improving skin texture and tone, and stimulating collagen production. It is the pro-ageing skin vitamin! I started off using mine twice per week, then gradually increased the frequency as my skin became accustomed.  On alternate nights I use a soothing moisturiser - I like Environ Super Moisturiser.
Hope this is useful to you all. If you would like any further advice book in for a Skin Analysis with me and I can tailor a skincare routine to suit your particular needs. I look forward to seeing you in clinic.
Thanks for reading my first blog xx
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