Becky’s Lip and Chin Enhancment

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Gemma was under pressure treating “Aesthetician of the Year 2017” for lip & chin enhancement & shares Becky's journey (before and after pictures included!). 1

It will come as no great surprise to many of you that the team at Face & Body love the treatments we perform as much as you do.  Becky recently had a consultation to discuss her concerns (we all have them!).  We use the patient centric 7-step consultation process to assist us in truly understanding you and to build and effective treatment plan that address’ your true aesthetic concerns. 

Becky's consultation

Becky has previously had lip enhancement to create more volume and enhance her natural shape - which she loved.  As this treatment was carried out over a year ago, the results were beginning to fade, so I agreed to create more volume in her lips using dermal filler. 

The second concern Becky had was that in photos (and our Becky does love a selfie) she felt like she had a bit of a double chin.  On examination there was a small fat pad noted under the chin, but what was more noticeable was that Becky was a bit “short” in the lower third of her face.  (The face can be horizontally divided into thirds.  From the hairline to the eyebrows is 1/3, the brow to the base of the nose 1/3, and the base of the nose to the chin the last 1/3).  A small chin lacks projection and structure and can therefore appear to harbour fat. 

I advised Becky that dermal filler to the chin would be the best treatment option to combat this concern, because augmenting the chin can have the surprising effect of smoothing out double chins by creating a better overall shape that enhances facial harmony. By adjusting the height, width and projection of the chin, we can often bring all facial features into the perfect balance.   

Becky's treatments

We took up to date pictures of Becky prior to commencing treatment and then applied local anaesthetic cream to the lips and chin for to minimise any discomfort. 

For the chin the product I selected was Belotero® Volume.  Belotero® is manufactured by Merz Pharma and has an established safety profile.  It is a volumizing product which is designed to add support to the overlying skin and create volume – making it perfect for chin augmentation.  It has lidocaine in it – which is a local anaesthetic – this also reduces the sensation of discomfort that may be felt.  You can expect results to last around 12 months.

I used a “bolus” technique for this part of Becky’s treatment as I wanted to create structure and projection.  I injected small amounts of strategically placed product on to bone to create more support and volume under the skin – resulting in lengthening and projection of the chin.  Following the treatment, I massaged the area to ensure the product settled evenly. 

The second of Becky’s treatments was lip enhancement, to add volume (Becky’s lips still had great definition, therefore I decided not to place any product in the border of the lip). 

When volumizing the lips it is important to maintain the “golden ratio” of 1:1.618 (the upper lip should be a third smaller than the lower).  We consider the whole face when planning treatments to ensure your lips fit beautifully with the rest of your face.   

I opted to use a cannula for Becky’s lip enhancement.  Firstly, it reduces the chances of post treatment swelling and bruising and secondly it is more comfortable for the patient as there is less injections (win win, right?).  A little bit of local anaesthetic was injected into the corners of Becky’s lips, where the cannula would be inserted to make sure it was as comfortable as possible. 

To give Becky the volume she was looking for I used Juvéderm® Volift.  Volift is fantastic if you’re looking for more volume and a poutier look as the patented technology is proven to last at least 12 months.  Volift also contains lidocaine to make the treatment more comfortable and like all products used in Face and Body has a proven safety profile.  Again, post treatment massage was carried out after treatment to ensure a smooth, even finish. 

Below you can see the beautiful results for Becky which are in harmony - upper row is before and lower row afterwards.

Creating harmony

The media loves to publish examples of over enhanced facial features, so hopefully you will understand that in the absence of facial harmony the face is not viewed as a balanced unit. Instead, attention is drawn to the disproportionate parts of the face. This typically includes lips, nose, and eyes in their relationship to each other and other facial features.  In Becky’s case, if lip enhancement had been performed without taking the chin into consideration, there’s a chance the size of her lips would have been exaggerated.  

If you would like to discuss any of the treatments mentioned in my blog, or anything else that concerns you, then please call 0131 226 9610 and book a consultation with me.

Gemma xxx

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