Don’t let your lips tell your life story...

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Victoria talks about how fine upper lip lines & thinning lips, in combination or on their own, affect our appearance & how they can be treated. 1

Whether it’s stress, the natural ageing process or the damage caused by smoking, sometimes our mouths can tell others more of our life story than we might like.

Fine lines and thin lips, in combination or on their own, can make us look tired or upset (or even grumpy!) even when we’re not.

Thinning lips and fine lines are both part of getting older. Between our mid-thirties and early fifties, we lose around half of our supply of hyaluronic acid. This is a naturally occurring substance that moisturises our lips from within and keeps them firm, full and hydrated. The result? Thinner lips and for some the emergence of lines around the mouth.

Whilst many people may wish to treat these areas - abiding memories of celebrities with ‘trout pouts’, a trend that hit the headlines a few years ago, may deter some.

Modern fillers for lips

The good news is that modern dermal fillers, when used wisely and skilfully, mean that you can kiss goodbye to such worries. Especially here at Face & Body where we look at the bigger picture, including what’s going on inside your mouth, before we draw up your treatment plan.

One of the most noticeable impacts of the loss of hyaluronic acid is thinning of the lips. Using the new generation of fillers to define, if necessary, and smooth out the lips can address this. The treatment generally takes less than half an hour – however, as your lips will be numb (and possibly slightly swollen) afterwards, we advise that you go home straight afterwards. Below is split image example of a before and after of a natural looking result for fuller lips.

Lip before and after photos over 6 months

Lipstick lines

Another thing that many notice as they get older are so called “lipstick lines”fine lines around the edge of the mouth. You may spot them initially when you notice that your lipstick is starting to bleed when it didn’t used to. Lipstick lines don’t just affect those who smoke, some are naturally prone to such lines and others, especially those who talk a lot as part of their jobs, may also develop them. Depending on how soon you spot them, or how deep they are, there are two possible treatments:

  • Finer lines can often be effectively treated with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)
  • Deeper lines will require dermal fillers.

Lines around the nose and chin

Lines around the mouth – such as marionette lines which run from the mouth to the chin, or naso-labial lines which run from the nose to the mouth are generally best treated with a combination of anti-wrinkle injections and fillers. The anti-wrinkle injections is used to lift the area and the fillers to reduce the lines.

Cupid's bow

Some people may also start to notice that, as they get older, their Cupid’s bow is less defined. This is a natural part of the aging process, but one that some people may find displeasing. The Cupid’s bow, which is formed by the philtral columns, flattens naturally with age and thus becomes less prominent. Using gel fillers in the philtrum (the grove than runs from your nose to the middle of your upper lip) can restore the Cupid’s bow and may even enhance it.

The real trick with lips

Remember that during your consultation, your practitioner should look beyond your lips – literally – and examine the structure of your mouth from the inside. After all, if they don’t understand what’s supporting your lips they can’t appreciate what’s required to treat them effectively. It’s definitely something that makes a background in dentistry a real asset and helps me give beautifully natural results when treating lips.



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