Managing your Rosacea

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Do you suffer from rosacea? Discover your solution with award-winning aesthetician Becky1
With changeable weather, patients with rosacea always ask what this may mean for their skin? 

What is rosacea?

Rosacea as a skin condition varies so much between people, it is something that can only show up at certain times of year when there is a change of season, it can be an underlying cause like hormones or intolerances, or it can be our stress levels.
All we can ever hope to do is manage these causes and keep redness, bumps, blemishes and inflammation at bay.   
What I hope to do is take you through each of these ‘causes’ of rosacea and shed some light on what you can do to keep your skin under control. 

Managing rosacea symptoms

With all causes of rosacea what you use topically on your skin is a key part of ensuring the pH is at optimum level. We can recommend ingredients that are proven to regulate sebaceous glands, soothe inflammation but also give a light exfoliation. If these things are happening, you can ensure you are doing your upmost for the surface. As well as feeding the skin all the right stuff, protection to the skin is essential and the way to do this is UV/Visible light protection & barrier creams to keep hydration in. 
Supplements can play a key role of working from the inside out. Using Vitamin A to increase cell turnover and regulate the skin, Vitamin C to support the Vitamin A’s new cell growth and strengthen the capillaries and using supplements that can send signals to the hormones to calm and reduce sebum production too can really support any work you are doing on the surface. 

What are your triggers?

During seasonal change, it's important to think of your triggers. More often than not, people with rosacea will find flushing a concern. Going from hot to cold is something that most people are aware of that can cause you to flush.
How can you combat this? Think about minimizing how often you go from extreme temperatures. If you're out on the go, take it at a slower pace to reduce the risk of overheating. Having super-hot showers on cold days, and vice versa can cause a flush.
Most love a cuppa, but if you do like it hot & you suffer with rosacea, it may even be worth thinking of letting it cool.

Try to keep stress at bay

We live such hectic lives and stress is something that patients normally laugh a little about when I say this is something they should work on. It can be difficult admitting that we are stressed, but it is rewarding when we work on this part of our lives.
Not one thing works for everyone, but spend more time doing your hobby, seeing your friends, try something new (if that doesn’t make you too stressed).
After so many recommendations from friends and patients I recently downloaded an app called Headspace, not only does it send me to sleep but I feel more grounded and ‘less stressed’ when  I use the app – speak to people and find out what works for them! Someone said to me "I feel the word ‘stressed’ is overused" and I have to say thinking of that, almost makes me feel less stressed in itself!  
I will admit, I don’t have rosacea, however that doesn’t mean I won’t get it. It can happen due to things out of our control, but if it is something that affects you try not let it get you down. I would suggest thinking about what the causes might be. Reduce them if you can, and if you need help understanding this then seek someone who has experience in looking into it.
There are so many options and jeez, it's exhausting looking into them, but it can be broken down to a digestible level and managing it can be done!  

Next steps

If you think you suffer from rosacea, book a skin analysis with myself or another expert in the Face & Body team. From there we can create your treatment plan, and hopefully manage your rosacea leaving you feeling more confident and in control.
Becky x

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