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Most women believe that once cellulite has arrived - it's there for good. I'm on a mission to explain Mesotherapy - a medical answer to cellulite. 1
Like most women you probably believe that once cellulite has arrived - it is there for good.  You have probably learnt from past experience that over the counter remedies like creams, lotions, massage machines, diet books and exercise regimes tend to have little impact in reducing it - particularly as you get older. But you can treat cellulite and I will tell you how... 

Why do woman have more issues with cellulite? 

Cellulite is in fact a disease found in women of all shapes, sizes and ages. It is the abnormal appearance of fat cells caused by poor circulation and lymph drainage, resulting in the degeneration of connective tissue that hold fat and skin cells in their correct position.
  • Firstly woman have more fat layers than men, and these layers are resistant to diet and exercise. The subcutaneous fat layer is a layer which cannot be treated by liposuction.
  • Secondly poor blood circulation and lymphatic drainage can lead to fluid retention which damages the connective tissues in the subcutaneous fat layer causing them to become hardened. This gives a negative impact on the ability of the connective tissues to hold the skin and fat cells in their normal positions. 
  • Thirdly fat cells from the waist down have a greater ratio of fat storing to fat burning, the ratio is one fat burning cell to every five fat storing cells. 
  • Lastly the connective tissue layers in men are different from women as men’s overlap in a crisscross style and women’s do not - so male fat cells are kept more easily in their place. 
So now you can see why cellulite often occurs on the saddle bag area, around the knees and the buttock area and why men are lucky with their physiological difference. 

How can you treat cellulite? 

If you are one of those people who have hips, thighs or buttocks which resemble cottage cheese or orange peel, fear no longer as the solution is Mesotherapy. 
Mesotherapy treatments deliver tiny "meso" microinjections of vitamins under the skin. The meso will then break up the damaged connective tissue and stimulate the production of new collagen. The fat cells shrink and circulation is increased locally to restore and repair damaged tissue.  
Mesotherapy is an FDA approved treatment, first discovered in 1952 by Dr Michel Pistor and then recognized by the French national academy of medicine in 1987 as an important part of traditional medicine. Mesotherapy is a very popular treatment in Europe, particularly in France.  
There is no real downtime with this procedure, but some redness and bruising can occur - however this does subside quickly. Using advanced French medical technology we are able to deliver the meso quickly and at precise depth with little discomfort to get great results - Watch Vanessa talk about her mesotherapy cellulite treatment and see it being performed
Typically I would recommend 3 sessions of Mesotherapy each spaced 2 weeks apart.  However, I would suggest popping in for a consultation so I that I can assess the area and grade of the cellulite causing you concern.   
Let’s say NO to cellulite and YES to bikinis and beach bodies!
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