Neither needle nor knife: the new non-surgical facelift

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Exploring surgical versus non-surgical facelifts available with Ultherapy and Silhouette Soft treatments. 1

When confronting the visible signs of ageing in the face, I come across many men and women that think undergoing the knife is their only option. Yet most are reluctant to commit the time or money a surgical facelift requires or, understandably, are very nervous of undergoing a surgical procedure with all its potential complications.

Most people want a non-invasive alternative and this increasing demand has in recent years seen a number of beauty and aesthetic treatments declare themselves as a non-surgical facelift, but they have usually failed to deliver on their much-hyped promise. Staying abreast of the latest treatments is an important part of my role as Face & Body's Medical Director and I ensure that we only offer our patients procedures that I firmly believe are safe, predictable and deliver effective results.

We have now become the go-to clinic for the treatment of sagging skin in Scotland and, alongside a whole host of non-surgical procedures, we offer two very different, gold-standard therapies which have successfully completed the lengthy and demanding FDA approval process in the US for treating skin laxity and can deliver result equivalent to minor surgical facelifts.


It can be challenging to imagine that a non-invasive procedure can deliver the same results as a surgical operation, but Ultherapy is truly a non-surgical facelift, able to target the same facial tissues that a plastic surgeon would be operating on.

Ultherapy is producing fantastic results for my patients and I love how versatile it is. I can vary the depth of penetration, depending on the needs of the individual patient; either modifying the SMAS muscle layer of the dermis, lifting and tightening the underlying facial structure, or targeting the most superficial layer to improve fine lines and crepiness.

The ultrasound energy causes controlled trauma that stimulates collagen production. I say to patients that they should view it as a third of a facelift, able to lift around two to five cm per treatment, which is really considerable. With Ultherapy, the face is rejuvenated from the inside out, with no downtime or complications.

Silhouette Soft

For many years I was unsure about the benefits of thread lifting, but Silhouette Soft has made me eat my words. It can produce outstanding results and it is incredibly quick and painless.

Composed of absorbable polylactic acid, the sutures have tiny, bidirectional cones on them that gives an immediate lift to the skin. Over time results are improved further from the increased collagen stimulation along where the threads have been laid down in the skin.

I feel that Ultherapy can deliver a better, more long-term improvement, but it is a gradual change and this timescale doesn’t work for all my patients. For men and women that want an instant, naturally beautiful result, Silhouette is the treatment for them.

Surgical vs non-surgical

There are limitations to any procedure though and I always ensure that my patients receive an honest opinion. For some patients with advanced skin laxity a surgical facelift may be the only option to deliver the results they want and I can refer them to a plastic surgeon I have worked with closely for many years. For these patients, it is essential that they have a surgical consultation so they can balance all their options.

If you have more questions or wish to find out which is the best treatment for you, come in and see me at the clinic and I will talk you through all your options


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