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What do women want from their aesthetic treatments?

Positive ageing is what women want from facial aesthetics & that this is supported by Allergan's 2016 global facial aesthetic survey.
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Coping with Rosacea in the Winter

What are the key rosacea triggers to avoid during the winter months to reduce flare-ups.
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The Golden Secret to Aesthetics

How the golden ratio, or Phi, is the solution to creating facial beauty in aesthetic medicain as well as in nature.
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Living with Rosacea

What negative perceptions do rosacea sufferers experience & what can be done to help?
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STV films the Vampire Facial

STV visits Face & Body to film television reporter, Zara Janjua, undergo a Vampire Facial for The Late Show.
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Maintaining That Sun-kissed, Glowing Skin After Summer

Is your sun tan a badge of pride you want to maintain now that your summer holidays are over. Find out one option in Brenda's blog...

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Cosmetic eye surgery - are there other options?

Eye surgery is the second most popular cosmetic treatment in the UK, but if your hesitant about the knife there are non-surgical options.
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Summer-proof your skin

Seeking a sun-kissed look this summer, but fear you'll end up with sunspots instead - Victoria discusses sun protection & how to reverse sun damage.

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It’s all a question of timing

Victoria of Scotland's top cosmetic clinic discusses the importance of aesthetic consultations & the dilemma of the quick fix versus the slow & sure.

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Is prevention better than cure?

Why young women, who have no dynamic wrinkles to treat, should not seek Botox as a preventative treatment.

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