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Pumpkin Peel - Trick or Treat

Stephanie explains why a Pumpkin Peel is an excellent treatment for resurfacing the skin to reveal fresher younger skin without the fear of a red face.

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Cellulite can be treated...

Most women believe that once cellulite has arrived - it's there for good. I'm on a mission to explain Mesotherapy - a medical answer to cellulite.
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What is Surgical Electrolysis?

Edinburgh electrolysis expert Stephanie explains surgical electrolysis & why it is the best solution for removing Skin Tags, Milia & skin blemishes. 

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Why Vitamin C is for summer too!

Skin expert Becky explains the benefits of using Vitamin C serums on your face during summertime. So if you think Vitamin C is just for the winter read this...

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Illegal tooth whitening on BBC Watchdog

BBC Watchdog highlights illegal tooth whitening by non-dental practitioners offering the service.
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Ultherapy Jennifer Aniston

Ultherapy is fast becoming the celebrities favourite treatment, according to Jennifer Aniston who has a fear of poor surgery & injectables.
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What sun care means to me

Becky was mortified with her skin analysis results & since then she has become a sunscreen convert. In her blog she explains all & why she loves Heliocare.

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Powerful antioxidant berry mask

To banish dull, dry skin caused by winter weather, we've created a very special Winter Berry Mask that's incredibly hydrating and nourishing for your skin during the winter months.

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Amanda Hamilton on turning 40

Amanda Hamilton, nutritionist, best-selling author & TV presenter discusses approaching 40 & what to do for an age-proofing diet.
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Body shape concerns - how to break the cycle

Do you feel you are stuck in a cycle of diet, indulgence and guilt? If so, our body contouring treatments can help get your body shape under control.

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