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PRP widely known as the “vampire facial” is a huge hit with numerous celebs because it is the best natural skin booster to help get wonderful skin.1

PRP widely known in the media as the “vampire facial” is a huge hit with numerous celebs. It really hit the headlines in early 2013 when photos appeared on the Internet of Kim Kardashian immediately after a treatment. Whilst some found the photo a little gruesome, just as many people wanted to know more about the treatment.

But what is PRP and how does it work?

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma and in its simplest terms it involves injecting (your own) treated blood into your face, hence the vampire element of the nickname! 

It’s a great way to treat everything from fine lines to hair loss. It can help banish dark circles around the eyes, treat acne scars and is a great anti-aging treatment.

The key is collagen production

PRP stimulates collagen production, helping cells regenerate and boosting the body’s natural repairing process. That’s why it gives skin such a wonderfully young and vital glow, and helps improve skin health and thickness.

Essentially, it’s kick starting the body’s natural healing process and helping it create collagen, which is lost over time as the result of age. The treatment really is simple, swift and not as scary as its nickname suggests.

We just need a little of your blood

For starters, the entire process only requires a small amount of blood, less than ten teaspoons full, in fact. Your blood is then prepared - a process that takes around twenty minutes, during which time we’ll apply some anaesthetic cream so you hardly feel a thing during your treatment.

The prepared blood is then delivered into your skin using injection and medical needling techniques. There may be a little discomfort (on a scale of one to ten, I’d class it as three) and there will be a lot of redness afterwards, but that’s really all that’s involved.

Naturally slow results that last

Because the treatment involves natural processes within your body, it takes around three months to see the full benefits (sorry, that’s down to mother nature!) but the results can last for up to a year. 

When you consider the benefits – a lovely youthful glow and genuinely rejuvenated skin, that’s naturally stronger and healthier – it’s hardly headline news that so many famous faces owe their glow to PRP


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