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American hair transplant surgeons wanting to encourage grafts to ‘take’ discovered PRP which has now proven to be very effective in restoring thinning hair 1

I’m sure I can’t be the only person who feels a little surprised by quite how quickly June has got here. But then, 2014 has been really busy here at Alva Street, so perhaps that’s why the year seems to be flying past. We’ve already introduced several new treatments, welcomed some new faces to the team and, as well as working with all my lovely patients, I’ve been busy with a number of conferences and TV shows.

Another date for the diary…

The next big date in the diary for me is FACE – The Facial Aesthetic Conference and Exhibition – down in London at the end of June, where I’ll be doing a presentation about PRP and Hair Loss. 

I’m very excited to be one of the experts involved – the speakers come from all over the world, and it’s great to be part of such an inspiring programme. My talk is part of a day-long seminar about Hair Loss and I’m really looking forward to sharing information about how PRP can help with this.

PRP – more than just a facial

Although it’s widely known as the “Vampire Facial” PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) can also help those who are experiencing thinning hair or even conditions such as alopecia areata. It’s a remarkably effective solution – we’ve received hugely positive feedback from all the patients we’ve treated – yet it’s not one that’s widely used here in the UK. In fact, we’re one of only a handful of clinics here to use it – unlike in Europe and the USA where it’s far more common.

And although PRP can’t cure baldness – sorry, but it’s impossible to bring back what’s gone using PRP – it can help maintain and improve the results of a hair transplant. In fact, its benefits were discovered by American hair transplant surgeons who were looking for ways to encourage grafts to ‘take’. Further more it can strengthen and restore thinning hair.

Thicker, healthier hair

People experiencing thinning hair find that PRP can offer great results. Because PRP increases the blood supply to the scalp, it stimulates growth, essentially it gives follicles a kick-start. The result is that active follicles produce stronger, healthier hair that’s in stunning condition. It can also help slow any on-going hair loss, so those who are only just starting to see a problem, may be able to stop it or at least delay its progress. 

Most patients find that an initial course of three treatments, followed by a booster treatment every six months is all they need to see their hair and their confidence restored. 

We’ve been offering the PRP hair growth treatment for around 18 months now and I’m delighted to say that the feedback we’ve had has been one hundred percent positive. That’s certainly something I’ll be proud to share with my fellow professionals in June.


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