Pumpkin Peel - Trick or Treat

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Stephanie explains why a Pumpkin Peel is an excellent treatment for resurfacing the skin to reveal fresher younger skin without the fear of a red face.


Chemical Peels may make you think of red faces and the hilarious episode of Samantha from Sex and the City. But don't let good comedy writers scare you away from what are ultra-effective skin resurfacers, and the aesthetic industry’s first choice when it comes to our own skincare regimes. So, if you’re a little bit scared to try a peel - read on. 

In reality peels are a powerful, flexible addition to your skincare regime, whether you want to cleanse deeply or effectively treat skin concerns from fine lines and uneven skin tone to acne.

What benefits can a peel provide?

Peels are excellent treatments for:

  • Evening skin tone and lightening pigmentation
  • Reducing fine lines
  • Improving skin hydration
  • Reducing acne and breakouts
  • Stimulating your natural collagen production for healthier skin

Where to start?

A good place to start is our Pumpkin Peel which is ideal for most skin types.  The enzymes from the pumpkin pulp breaks down the bonds of the dead surface cells allowing their exfoliation and exposure of new younger healthier cells. Glycolic, salicylic and lactic acid are the active ingredients which work at different levels in the skin to increase cellular function, collagen production and hydration whilst reducing congestion and helping to control mild acne breakouts.

What preparation is required?

Good preparation before having the peel helps achieve the best results and minimizes post peel glow, you will NOT be bright red like Samantha, and the post peel glow will disappear within 12-24 hours to leave fresher more radiant skin. Preparation is not difficult and is based on the current health of your skin, but usually involves 2-4 weeks using recommended skincare products to get the skin ready for the peel. 

A peel without peeling?

Physical skin peeling is not a requirement for every type of peel which may seem odd given their name. Gentle and intermediate peels, such as the pumpkin peel, in part act as an accelerated or deep exfoliator with the skin immediately after treatment visibly comparable to microdermabrasion results. But the peels provide the added benefits of increased cellular function compared to just mechanical removal of dead skin cells.

Will it hurt?

Absolutely not. Gentle and intermediate peels have always been an essential part of our extremely popular medi-facials, which patients really enjoy. For intermediate peels, such as the pumpkin peel,  the process is often described as ‘an intense facial’. During the peel, you might feel tingling and your face will get warm, but it’s not uncomfortable.

Can I go back to work?

Most of our patients go straight back to work, but if it is your first time why not have it in the evening so that you can relax and return to work the next day.

Now that the nights are drawing in why not treat your skin to a pick-me-up? Our Pumpkin Peel is a fabulous resurfacer for your skin and the perfect pick-me-up that is definitely a treat and no trick. This peel is highly recommended by myself and Becky and we would be happy to discuss an individual treatment plan for your skin at a consultation.

Happy Halloween 


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