Skin tag removal with electrolysis

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Edinburgh skin tag removal. Remove your skin tags safely and quickly using Advanced STEREX Electrolysis that ensures no scarring. 1

Let me explain how your skin tags can be removed for good safely and effectively using Advanced Electrolysis with minimum discomfort and most importantly NO scarring.

How does Advanced Electrolysis work?

Advanced Electrolysis involves using a small current applied through a probe - often called "diathermy". When this small current passes through the targets area of skin, it ‘dries up’ the vessels that feed into the area of concern, leading to a visible reduction of the skin tag. Skin tags in most cases will immediately come away from the skin after an Advanced Electrolysis treatment.

Any recovery time?

You will likely be left with redness in the area following the procedure. It is important to not touch this area, keep it clean and let it heal. Avoid picking any scabbing that may form.

What are skin tags?

Skin tags are common skin growths also known as fibro epithelial polyp. The attachment size is generally smaller than the body of the skin tag itself and they come in all different sizes, from pin head up to marble size.

Skin tags are viral in nature and whilst not highly infectious, they do seem to spread on certain individuals. The human papilloma virus is the root cause of skin tags, therefore they are contagious and care must be taken to prevent cross contamination. I would highly recommend that you do NOT attempt the removal of a skin tag at home.

Common skin tag areas

Common areas that you may find skin tags are, round the neck, under the arms, on the chest/ back, under breast area and groin area. Fundamentally this is due to friction from clothing.

Jillian’s story

I helped a colleague who kindly agreed to let me use her images. Jillian stated for my blog "I had a skin tag behind my ear for years, not knowing how or if I could ever get it removed. I asked Steph who recommended advanced electrolysis. It was a fast and painless procedure. Great treatment with immediate results."
If you’ve got concerns about skin tags book a consultation and we can discuss your next steps using Advanced Electrolysis!

Steph x


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