Remove facial and leg thread veins

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Remove broken spider veins on your face or treat visible thread veins on your legs with the new vascular GentleMax laser treatment in Edinburgh! 1

Whether you have broken facial veins, visible leg veins, spider veins or cherry angioma our new Candela GentleMax vascular laser treatment is a fantastic way to remove them and empower your confidence.

This new vascular laser is more comfortable and safer than IPL for treating your thread veins and cherry angioma because the targeted laser energy is only absorbed by your unwanted vascular blemishes.

You can have blemish free skin in just 1 to 3 treatments (that only take 15 to 30 minutes). So, no more covering up, you can have the freedom go make-up free and wear what you want when you want.

How vascular laser treatments work

The laser produces an intense but gentle burst of light that treats  your abnormal red or blue blood vessels that are visible on your face or legs using controlled methods without any harm to your surrounding skin tissue.

Essentially it is the absorption of light by the visible red or blue appearing veins, which heats the blood vessel to coagulate and close them. 

The next process is the re-absorption of the destroyed blood vessel and the elimination of the broken-down debris (also known as phagocytosis). This can take several weeks which is why you may require 1 – 3 treatments at 4 weekly intervals.

Thread veins on your legs can be larger than those on your face and sometimes the larger veins need an additional treatment using sclerotherapy to reduce them before vascular laser treatments can be used to mop up the smaller thread veins.

Fast and easy recovery

Your recovery time after treatment is fast with your skin appearing slightly flushed for up to 4 hours post treatment which quickly fades as your body absorbs the closed blood vessels.

What is the difference between laser and IPL?

• Lasers are more selective, meaning treatment can be more targeted to smaller areas of concern.
• Lasers and more effective, this mean fewer treatments are required, saving you precious time.
• Lasers are safer for darker skin types due to being able to target treatment.
• Lasers treat deeper in to the tissue whereas IPL’s can only penetrate 2mm.
• Lasers have a more advanced cooling system, ensuring your comfort during treatment.
• Whilst IPL’s may be more uncomfortable, they can be more effective for diffuse redness, rather than thread veins, on paler skin.

Why choose us?

Face & Body has been providing laser treatments for over 10 years and is the chosen laser hair removal service provider for NHS Lothian. We have a dedicated state of the art laser room for your safety and comfort. Our 4 laser experts are all highly trained and certified in laser hair, tattoo, pigmentation and vascular removal. I myself have being doing laser treatment for over 7 years. We use medical grade FDA approved lasers recommended by the NHS, you can rest assured there are no ‘copycat’ machines here!

Next steps

If you have cherry angioma or thread veins that are impacting your confidence, then book your consultation today. For cherry angioma or facial veins, I or my other laser expert colleagues will carry out a patch test to ensure your safety. If you are suitable for treatment, we will arrange your personalized treatment plan.

For thread veins on your legs you must have a consultation with a nurse or doctor who will advise you if your leg veins should be treated first with sclerotherapy before being finalized with laser treatments.

Start your journey towards a more confident version of you!

Steph x

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