Say Cheerio To Your Double Chin with CoolSculpting!

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How the CoolMini can help reduce double-chins, bra puffs and puffy knees.1
When CoolMini arrived at Face & Body in early 2019, I had no idea how many brilliant treatment applications were to come from this cute little CoolSculpting handpiece (We have a lot to thank this little guy for!)  The CoolMini is specifically designed for the submental (chin area). Your chin, like your eyes, is a very prominent facial feature and double chins can affect many people's self-confidence. Achieving a healthy active lifestyle is a goal for a most of us and yet when stubborn pockets of fat, like double-chins, won't shift it can be incredibly disheartening. 
I see many patients for this treatment, and it can be surprising who I see. I have seen many people come in who are very healthy and active, but there can come a time where you choose ‘your face over your bum’.  What I mean by this is - you could be very happy with your weight and shape, but to lose the area of fat around your jaw through a harder exercise regime would mean losing even more fat on areas you are happy with. We all have those areas where we lose fat quicker and easier right? This is where CoolSculpting can give you the choice on where to lose fat - putting you back in control.  
The CoolMini was the first of the hand pieces designed with a ‘cup’ shape, which meant treatments could be done faster with higher consistency.  This led to the development of all CoolSculpting handpieces sporting this cup shape design.  It's also the first hand piece that is FDA approved for ‘tightening’ the skin as well as fat reduction. This can be achieved when I use two or more applications in a specific way on the same day! This is super exciting and also means that if you are looking to define your jaw – you could have a plan where you have the CoolSculpting done and then go to see one of our wonderful injectors who will assess proportions of the face to use filler if appropriate! 
If you have annoying tiny pockets of fat like ‘bra puffs’ or fat around the top of the knee again, this fabulous piece of equipment can come to the rescue! You needn't worry about feeling self-conscious in a strappy top ever again as it freezes away those pesky excess fat cells for good!
If you want to learn more about how CoolSculpting works, you can check out some other blogs that we've done on it. If you'd like a chat to find out exactly how it can impact and put you back in control, you can book in for a consultation. You might even get to find out about our personal treatment journeys we have taken here in the clinic! All I can say is… we all love it! 
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