Skin tightening experts unite in Copenhagen

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Experts from 20 countries united in Copenhagen for the Merz International Expert Summit! Find out more about my visit.1

Merz (aesthetic company who bring the wonderful Ultherapy) hosted a truly international expert summit in Copenhagen, which I was delighted to be invited to attend as a representative from only three Scottish clinics. There were 400 delegates from 20 countries brought together to share best practice and exchange tips and experience.

Skin tightening experts’ agenda

The agenda was full of the latest research, techniques and of course how to get the best results. I always want to make sure we’re bringing you the best possible service and expertise!
Lots of the wonderful cases showed the power of combining Ultherapy with dermal fillers. The beautiful results improving over time (thanks to the gradual lift that Ultherapy gives you).
The evening event was a closely guarded secret, all the delegates in their finery gathered in the foyer, curls, up dos and expertly applied makeup. There were heels, glitter and fine flowing dresses. I was positively buzzing with excitement, I love a surprise.
The Museum of Denmark made for a grand venue. It was imposing, traditional, with an elegant glass extension where the tables were laid for a feast. I mingled with my UK colleagues catching up with old friends and meeting new faces.
Our highly specialised expert training continued on the Sunday, the morning hosted an intense and wonderfully presented session on anatomy, with a cadaver dissection beamed in from a hospital in New York. Simultaneous treatments on stage made for a great reboot and a reminder of the safest techniques, and areas of the face that should not be injected. This was an extremely engaging and interesting way to learn how best to treat you, and how to be as safe whilst effective as possible.
And to top it all off, I enjoyed a quick stroll through the streets of the capital of “hygge”, were Christmas was in full swing!

Top tips to lift sagging jowls

Some of my highlights included the twinkle eyed Canadian Plastic Surgeon Mr Arthur Swift, whose approach to beauty enhancement we have fully embraced, and you will find me taking measurements with my golden Phi calipers. Arthur shared his vision of the future and present-day techniques, and top tips for lifting saggy jowls. This was a wonderful opportunity to hear from a world-renowned expert with outstanding results.

Women at the forefront

For the first time, female presenters from around the world (South Africa, Asia, USA, Russia and Europe) were well represented at the top level. I found this fantastic, as treatments are predominantly carried out within a female industry, and the majority of our patients are female too. It was inspirational to hear from all of the lovely ladies – Nurses, Dentists and Doctors delivering highly skilled medical procedures in the UK.
I would like to thank Merz for a phenomenal educational meeting, and I am thrilled to carry my expertise to the wider team, ensuring you always have the best treatments possible.
Victoria x


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