Boost your skin, nails and hair

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Skin Ultimate supplements help create a bright skin complexion with healthy strong nails and hair making the perfect boost for January. 1
I am always striving to help our clients benefit from products that will enhance, maintain and bring vitality to their skin, hair and nails.
At this time of year your body can do with a boost through the winter months. I recommend to my patients the Advanced Nutrition Programmes – Skin Ultimate Pack which  promotes a really even and bright skin complexion, healthy strong nails and hair. 
It comprises of 28 pods of 5 daily supplements:  
  • Skin Vitamin A – which normalises skin and balances oil 
  • Skin Antioxidants - prevents free radical damage 
  • Skin Omega’s - for hydration and is anti-inflammatory 
  • Skin ASTA Boost – Astaxanthin (bright red algae) and biotin give radiance and improve elasticity 
  • CoQ10 – which helps to plump and brighten the skin as well as reducing pigmentation 
The pods are a fabulous all rounder for great health and easy to use as you simply take one pod daily after food.  These supplements are broken down in the body within 30 minutes and are free from yeast, artificial flavourings and is gluten free. Plus they come in 100% recyclable packaging which is printed using FSC approved paper.
If you have any questions about skin health - please book a skin analysis with me or a member of the team and we will help you.
Derna xx 

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