Treatments That Keep Your Secret

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Successful cosmetic treatments mean no one can tell you’ve had anything done, but everyone notices how good you are looking. 1
The mark of a successful aesthetic treatment is that no one can tell you’ve had anything done, but everyone will notice you’re looking good. Many women arrive at our aesthetic clinic believing that a facelift is their only option, but there are a whole host of effective non-surgical procedures that can produce beautifully subtle and natural rejuvenation. My favourite shh! treatments...


Scottish Woman magazine features Victoria DobbieMany of my patients do not want to go under the knife precisely because they do not want anyone to know that they’ve had anything done and they are worried that cosmetic surgery will produce too dramatic a transformation. However, if they’ve just started to notice ageing then they will usually have relatively minor skin laxity and do not require a facelift at this point.
A non-surgical facelift is now a possibility with Ultherapy. The results are fantastic and gradually improve over time so no one will be able to put their finger on exactly what you’ve had done.


This year we introduced the EndyMed device which has an intensive radiofrequency needling handpiece, which enables us to deliver energy deep into the dermis, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. Deep lines can often be difficult to treat with superficial treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers - EndyMed allows us to tackle these wrinkles from the inside out. As a result we don't fall into the trap that so many less experienced practitioners do of "over treating" these areas resulting in very obvious work.


The eyes have always been a challenge for the aesthetic practitioner, but I’m excited about a new procedure we can now offer our patients. The AGNES device has a very fine micro-needle which can be used safely on the thin, delicate skin of the upper and lower eyelids. It can be used to tighten skin for the reduction of crow’s feet and reduce eye bags beneath the eye.  We have been secretly trialing AGNES now for over 6 months and will launch our non-surgical eye bag removal service in 2017.

Choose your service provider wisely

As the Clinical Director, I have carefully chosen and trialled gold standard non-surgical treatments that I know can safely deliver consistent, predictable results. We are increasingly seeing cheap copy-cat machines from China entering the market which do not deliver the same results and have shocking safety records. When selecting a provider always check that it is a genuine device.
In addition, these treatments are only as good as the hand that wields them, so to avoid results that advertise to the world that you’ve had something done, choose your aesthetic practitioner carefully. Experience and expertise are essential, but also ensure that they share your view on what constitutes a natural look. 
Being able to fulfil patient expectations is another keystone of a successful aesthetic treatment and I offer all my patients expert, impartial advice; if I believe that cosmetic surgery may be a more appropriate option then I will refer you to local expert surgeons in Edinburgh. 

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