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Everything You Need To Know About Hyaluronic Acid & Profhilo®

Julie discusses Hyaluronic Acid and Profhilo®, and how they can help you restore that youthful, healthy glow.
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Profhilo® Skin Hydration

Boost your skin hydration and improve your skin tone and texture with a safe and quick injectable treatment.
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4 Simple Ways To Keep Young Hands

Learn 4 simply ways to keep your hands looking young with prevention and TLC hand rejuvenation.
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Self care and Confidence with Aesthetic Treatments

Putting yourself first: self care and confidence doesn't need to come with a guilt trip. Dr Victoria's Medical Assistant, Julie, discusses...
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Chin filler: what’s involved?

Everything you want to know about getting chin filler for the first time.
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Skin tightening experts unite in Copenhagen

Experts from 20 countries united in Copenhagen for the Merz International Expert Summit! Find out more about my visit.
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World Experts Meeting Barcelona 2017

The World Expert Meeting in Barcelona inspired me on new treatment plans using Silhouette Soft® & Ellansé® for enhanced results
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The Lip Trick

Your lips shrink as you age. The trick is to restore your lips with dermal fillers, so that they look like the lips you always had, or should have had!
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The Golden Secret to Aesthetics

How the golden ratio, or Phi, is the solution to creating facial beauty in aesthetic medicain as well as in nature.
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Cosmetic eye surgery - are there other options?

Eye surgery is the second most popular cosmetic treatment in the UK, but if your hesitant about the knife there are non-surgical options.

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