Ultherapy: The non surgical lift

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As a saggy skin specialist, I outline why Ultherapy is an effective alternative to surgery, and the benefits of a natural lift that will keep improving. 1
As a saggy skin specialist, my background in improving skin laxity has developed over number of years within non-surgical options for treatment. 
It is perhaps a common belief that a surgical procedure is the only way to create a lift in the skin - however the fast facts of Ultherapy are probably not yet recognised as much as they could be. I’m excited to share them and I am proud to say through my multiple successes, the results of Ultherapy are a fantastic alternative to surgery. 

What are the advantages of Ultherapy?

  • No downtime - you can return to your work or social engagements immediately afterwards.
  • No sudden tell tale change in appearance.
  • No one need ever know - full results develop gradually over 6 months.
  • No scars to hide - you will continue to age naturally rather than have an appearance frozen in time.
  • Significantly lower costs in comparison to surgery.

How does Ultherapy work?

During an Ultherapy procedure, the underlying skin tissue is heated with micro focused ultrasound. This triggers the body’s natural production of collagen in that area, using the right temperature to support collagen regeneration without damaging the upper layers of skin. Ultrasound imaging allows our team to see the targeted tissue during the procedure, so that they can precisely direct the energy to where it will be most effective.

Expanding expertise

I’m pleased to pass on my knowledge and expertise to my highly skilled nurses Gemma and Claire. As skilled nurses and prescribers, this a wonderful addition to an already impressive portfolio of knowledge. Having excelled in their recent Ultherapy course, our specialism within Ultherapy is expanding. 
Watch nurse Gemma and Claire’s journey below, as they explain the benefits and how Ultherapy works in more detail…

Whether you’re looking to lift your brow line, firm your sagging jowls, tighten your skin on your neck or reduce your cleavage wrinkles, myself, Gemma or Claire would be more than happy to chat through a treatment plan for you.


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