Summertime ends, but not the need for SPF

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Why UVA and HEVL rays mean you should wear sun protection all year round to reduce your skin from the effects of premature ageing.1
British summertime is officially over this coming weekend! As you turn your clocks back by one hour - are you pushing your sun protection to the back of the bathroom cupboard? DON’T we cry!


Wearing an SPF on your face all year round is the best thing you can do in terms of preventing skin ageing. Here are the reasons why.
During the summer month’s we are exposed to higher levels of UVB rays which can cause skin reddening and sunburn. Most of us are aware of UVB rays and the damage that they play in the development of skin cancer. As a result, we tend to slap on the sun protection on those rare summer days.
However, not all of us are as aware of the damage that UVA rays can cause. UVA rays account for up to 95% of the UV radiation reaching the surface of the earth. These rays are present all year round and are able to penetrate though clouds and glass. UVA rays penetrates the skin more deeply and are known to play a major part in skin ageing and wrinkling. It is now thought that these rays can also contribute to the development of skin cancers.
High energy visible light (HEVL) is a third type of ray. It is high frequency light in the violet/blue band in the visible spectrum. The key thing you need to know is that these rays also have harmful effects and causes premature skin ageing. Due to the relatively recent discovery of the damaging effects of HEVL many sun protection products do not protect against these rays. However, there are products out there that protect against UVA, UVB and HEVL if you look carefully.
We advise all our clients to protect their skin from UV radiation all year round, whilst indoors and out. Look for a broad spectrum sun protection with an SPF 15 or higher (broad spectrum lotions and creams provide both UVA and UVB protection). Even better if you use a product that protects against HEVL too.

Why we love Heliocare

We love the Heliocare sun protection range. It has a range of formulations, with an SPF50, to suit all skin types. All their products contain Fernblock, a powerful skin specific anti-oxidant that protects your skin by protecting it against cell damage using DNA repair enzymes.
The Heliocare 360 range provides unrivalled protection from photo-damage, not only from SPF50 broad spectrum UVA/UVB , but also HEVL. With prices starting from £17 these products are also great value for money.
Whether you are coming in to see us for skin care advice or for treatments (or even if you have not yet been in to see us) we would urge you to purchase an SPF suitable for your skin. Don’t waste your money on skin care products and/or treatments by going out and about every day without protecting your skin. Ask any member of our team about our range of Heliocare products and we will find a product suitable for you. You can then head into autumn and winter knowing that you are well protected and doing what you can to reduce your skin from ageing.
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