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Top tips on how to tackle your skincare routine when you’re working from home including cleansing, tackling spots, keeping hydrated & SPF.1

Working from home (WFH) is new to many of us.  Setting up a home office, video calls with colleagues and the pros (and cons!) of unlimited trips to the fridge… this new routine can all feel a bit overwhelming at times. However, WFH also means no make-up days and less exposure to pesky pollution. So why not use this time to give your skin the proper TLC it needs? We’ve put together some key skincare tips if you’re WFH.

Cleanse your skin

It’s super important to cleanse your skin both morning and evening (even if you’re going make-up free!) to prevent build-up.  In the morning, it’s important that you wash off any active ingredients that you applied the evening before.  This is important since the skin goes through cell renewal faster in the evening, meaning that there will be far more dead skin cells on the surface which prevent your morning products from entering the skin effectively. In the evening, it’s especially important to double cleanse to ensure you fully remove any make-up, SPF and build-up from throughout the day. 

Apply SPF

Even though you may be spending most of your time indoors, it’s vital to protect your skin from harmful UVA rays which can penetrate windows and therefore contribute towards premature ageing. Sun protection is even more important If you’re heading outside for your daily form of exercise!  UV rays reach your skin no matter the weather and so it is very important to apply minimum SPF 30 every day to ensure you don’t cause your skin any damage. 

If you can, try and make the most of being outside whether it’s during your daily form of exercise or just sitting in your garden.  Whilst it’s important to be careful of too much sun exposure, we do need the vitamin D produced by the sun to help the body absorb calcium and phosphate from our diet; these minerals are important for maintaining healthy bones, teeth and muscles. When it comes to sun protection, it’s important to choose one that offers broad UVA and UVB protection; we recommend Heliocare who have a wide range of products to cater for all your sun protection needs, no matter your skin type. 

Tackle spots

WFH is a great time to tackle problem areas such as annoying spots and breakouts that you may usually just conceal with make-up as a quick fix! We firmly believe that when your skin looks good, you feel good! Ensuring you double cleanse in the evening is important if clear, glowing skin is your goal.  If you regularly use Glycolic or Salicylic wash – perhaps leave it on for a minute or two extra, two to three times per week, to give you a little extra exfoliation.  Goodbye spots, hello glowing skin!

Nourish dry skin on your hands

Constant handwashing and hand sanitizing can leave our hands feeling dry, sore and rough. Make sure you use a hydrating hand cream to give your skin the nourishment it needs (and deserves!) We love Environ Hand and Nail Crème for keeping our hands nice and smooth.

Stay hydrated

It’s easy to forget to hydrate when WFH. We need around 2 litres of water a day to keep our bodies in good working order.  Keep a water bottle near your working space and keep sipping regularly – we love adding fresh fruit and mint to add a bit of flavour. It’ll become a habit in no time and it’s sure to improve your skin. Our Visia skin analysis machine at the clinic has regularly shown improvements in fine lines when the client has improved their hydration levels. Bottoms up!

Get moving!

It may not (exactly) be skincare related but it’s important to make sure you move your body throughout the day, especially if your work means you’re stuck behind a desk. If you’re able to leave the house for your daily exercise – well done! If not – don’t worry about it.  Why not leave your workstation every hour to stretch your legs, even if just for a few minutes? You could add a few squats and lunges in, or even just put your favourite song on for a 4 minute boogie. Endorphins and that post-exercise glow guaranteed!

Following these tips will be a sure-fire way of ensuring your skin and body are getting the attention they need whilst you’re WFH.

In these unprecedented times, we want to reassure you that we are here for any questions and queries you may have by email or phone on 0131 226 9610 between 1000-1230 Mon-Fri.

Stay home, stay safe!


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