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TIXEL® skin resurfacing, giving results comparable to CO2 laser without the downtime and discomfort. 1

If you’re looking for noticeable results that resurface and restore your skin whilst reducing wrinkles, you may have come across CO2 laser, Plasma Plasmage or Fibroblast – or perhaps you’ve had one of these treatments before and recall the downtime associated with it.

TIXEL® is a fantastic and revolutionary treatment which I am very excited to now have here at the clinic. It produces comparable results to more invasive treatments such as CO2 laser, except without the discomfort and long downtime.

TIXEL® is not yet available at other clinics in Scotland, meaning it is exclusively available for you at Face & Body.

Why choose TIXEL®?

Resurfacing your skin in most cases means creating very small channels via a laser to get deep within the dermis. Typically, this would cause the skin to swell and scab, leading to a long downtime before results begin to show.

The beauty of TIXEL® is that these small channels are created at a more precise level, and with very brief contact to the skin in just a fraction of a section. There are no incisions.

This brief and controlled contact with the skin means that TIXEL® can also target the delicate skin around the eyes and on your eyelids safely, areas where CO2 lasers cannot be used.

You will notice results just days after your first treatment. What’s more, your body will continue to produce collagen between and after appointments, so your skin will gradually improve over a 6 month period.

How does TIXEL® work?

TIXEL® transfers thermal energy through the skin, at a fraction of a section.

This thermal energy is delivered via the titanium tip of the TIXEL® handpiece, which has 81 tiny pyramids that are heated to 400 degrees C. The tip makes brief contact with the upper skin layers, creating micron sized pores. 

The treatment takes 15 - 30 mins.

What happens after TIXEL® treatment?

After treatment you should expect to have a ‘sunburnt’ feeling and look on the area treated. This redness may last for a few days.
Some micro crusting is to be expected, which will make your skin feel a bit like sand paper, for up to 1 week. You may use makeup after 48 hours to cover your skin while healing continues - we recommend using mineral makeup.

When will I see results from TIXEL®?

You will notice results just weeks after your first treatment. 3 treatments will ensure your results are as effective as possible. What’s more, your body will continue to produce collagen between and after appointments, so your skin will gradually improve as time goes on.

Watch as my patient Joyce shares her experience with TIXEL® after just starting her course of treatment…

Book your TIXEL® treatment

If you’d like to have a TIXEL® treatment or course, simply book a consultation with myself or nurse Claire. We will assess your skin to ensure we recommend the best treatment for the result you are looking for. If TIXEL® is recommended, your treatment will be booked in for your journey to begin!

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