Why I'm A Menovist

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Dr Victoria on why she's a Menovist, what it is and how she can help you with your menopause symptoms. 1

The menopause is something you can’t ignore. It’s inevitable, and it can be daunting. But it doesn't need to be. I'm very passionate about helping women experiencing menopause and have recently signed up to be a 'Menovist' as part of the the Rock My Menopause campaign, as seen on BBC Breakfast.

What is a Menovist?

[men·o·vist | \me-no-vist\]⁠
Definition: One who stands up for those going through the menopause : a person who openly encourages and engages in conversations around menopause and plays a part in stamping out the taboo⁠. 

My own experience

At 45 years old, I was “burning out”. I had no energy, my mind was foggy, I was snappy, my weight was going up and I felt flat. I was fearful and went to the GP for tests - she told me there was nothing wrong. No I wasn’t ill but I was on the peri-menopause decline towards old age. The drop in hormones was affecting me physically and mentally, my enthusiasm had left by the back door and I was too tired to “be bothered” to do all but the essentials.
However, at 50 years old I am transformed! I have energy to run, to work and to entertain. My mood is buoyant, my mind is sharp and I am leaner and stronger than I have been the past 20 years. It’s such a long way from the woman who was so “rung out tired” before she saw her first patient on a Monday morning.

Taking back control

I have experienced the life enhancing power of hormonal balance and I want you to experience it too. I will help you to choose healthy living over the decline to diabetes, hypothyroidism, dementia, heart disease, broken bones and weight gain. You'll experience mind and mood that keeps you clear headed and on the ball at work. You'll be calm and easier to work alongside. You'll have energy and enthusiasm for work, new projects, and that promotion. You'll enjoy harmonious family life, coping with those teenage years, re-kindling with your partner. Laughing instead of whining with your girlfriends.
Hormone balance is far more than preventing hot flushes; hormones are your bodies way of communicating and affect your “whole body”, not just your reproductive organs.  
Are you ready to #rockyourmenopause and take back control of your life? If so you can book for a personal one to one, because you’re unique. You can learn more about menopause and its potential effects here.
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