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Becky reveals to BBC presenter her sun damage hidden under the skin and discuss why its important to protect your skin from UV rays even in Scotland.1

It’s terrifying seeing yourself on TV! However, being part of a BBC documentary that covered how make-up application can boost self-esteem was a great experience. I was particularly moved by others on the program dealing with cancer and long term skin issues.

BBC presenter Naomi wanted to learn how to keep her smooth skin tone and reduce blemishes. I used a Visia Skin Complexion Analysis system to look under her skin and see waht was going on.It reveal Naomia had a lot of UV damage deep down. Such dmage occurs when the skin has been exposed to high levels of UVA/UVB and as a result over produces melanin and the skin cells no longer function as they should.

I explained to Naomi that as you age this pigment and redness appears on the surface of the skin. Recent published research shows infra-red rays from our smart technology can alter how your skin cells work which means protection is essential for everyone and not just those enjoying the great outdoors. If you are worried that using SPF in Scotland will not allow you to produce enough Vitamin D - don't be concerned - as just 10 minutes on small area (such as hands) will give you this essential Vitamin D production.

Skin protection is essential as damage can happen quickly and often can't be fully reversed. If you are investing in great skincare, then ensure you buy great sun protection to protect your investment.

At Face & Body we offer excellent UV protection for normal, oily, acne and rosacea skin types. All have SPF 30 – 50 and contain UVA/UVB protection to ensure you are protected at every level.

If you are wanting high protection, but are worried about the white chalky appearance given by most SPF 50 products then the Heliocare range is perfect for you. Heliocare's fabulous formulations are for all skin types and contain hydrators so they can be used as your daytime moisturisers. Heliocare comes as a gel, cream, spray & even mousse products. The products are so lovely my patients sometimes ask if they can wear it at night as there night time moisturiser!!! 

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Enjoy our current sunny weather and stay safe.

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PS here is a short clip of me with Naomi, to watch the full documentary visit the BBC website.

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