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Does Weight Loss Help With CoolSculpting?

Prepare your body for CoolSculpting with these top tips including diet, fitness and mindfulness.
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Vitamin A For Glowing Skin

Retinol, also known as Vitamin A, has multiple health benefits. Steph explains everything you need to know about Vitamin A.
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Tattoo Removal Options

Stephanie discuss your options for removing unwanted tattoos & explains why laser tattoo removal is the safest and best option.
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Skin tag removal with electrolysis

Edinburgh skin tag removal. Remove your skin tags safely and quickly using Advanced STEREX Electrolysis that ensures no scarring.
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Remove facial and leg thread veins

Remove broken spider veins on your face or treat visible thread veins on your legs with the new vascular GentleMax laser treatment in Edinburgh!
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Body positivity with help from CoolSculpting

How to get "body positivity" with a helping hand from the CoolSculpting fat freezing procedure. Reduce stubborn pockets of fat which resist diet & exercise.
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Spider veins: Cause, treatment & prevention

What are spider veins? Also known as thread veins! I explain what causes these red skin blemishes, how they can be treated & how to prevent them.
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IPL Skin Rejuvenation

How we can treat diffused redness, rosacea, pigmentation & thread veins using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) skin rejuvenation.
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Pumpkin Peel - Trick or Treat

Stephanie explains why a Pumpkin Peel is an excellent treatment for resurfacing the skin to reveal fresher younger skin without the fear of a red face.

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Cellulite can be treated...

Most women believe that once cellulite has arrived - it's there for good. I'm on a mission to explain Mesotherapy - a medical answer to cellulite.

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